Fun Things to do With the Kids: Decoupage

Finding new and exciting things to do with the kids can be difficult, especially with the long summer holiday approaching. We can often fall into a rut with the kids and continue to keep doing the same things with them to keep them entertained. The thing is by constantly repeating these activities the children become bored, which really does defeat the object!

If your kids are into arts and crafts but are bored with coloring and painting, then now is the time to introduce them to decoupage.

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage can be deceptive. While it looks incredibly complicated, it is actually very simple to do. If you have the ability to cut and paste, you are halfway there! What is more, it is heaps of fun so not only will the kids love it, but you will enjoy crafting with them too. It is perfect for bonding and spending quality time with your children.

Choose from a wide range of items to start your handy and creative home project. You can invest in the pretty colored and patterned paper which can be stuck to various wooden items.

Wooden letters are perfect for kids as you can create signs for their bedrooms incorporating their names. What is more, children love personalized treats, so by purchasing wooden letters and letting them decorate them, they have a truly personal decorative item for their own bedroom.

There are also wooden animals of different descriptions that you can make together. Choose from butterflies, lions, tigers, and so forth, and decorate with colored paper for amazing results. The paper you choose doesn’t have to be plainly colored, there is a wide range of pretty patterned paper to choose from too. Paper patterns come in various descriptions. Some are floral; some are covered with animal prints and others have a nautical theme. You will be truly spoilt for choice.

Think about the interests of your kids. Are they animal lovers? Do they have a passion for space and science? Tailor the interests of your kids to your chosen decoupage home project.

The key to a truly successful decoupage project is to keep it untidy. While that may sound a little counterproductive, the result will be amazing. While decoupage may be known as the ‘cutting craft,’ you and your little ones will achieve a much greater result with your chosen project by tearing the paper. The torn edges are much easier to blend into your chosen shape and tend to lie flatter than cut edges.

When you have finished tearing and sticking, you need to ensure that the decoupage paper is flat to your chosen project. Ensure that any air bubbles are flattened out from the shape as it will decrease the overall look of the item you are creating. Smooth any bubbles out using your finger. Be gentle and firm to ensure that the bubbles are removed effectively, but your project remains intact.

Do bear in mind that decoupage can be incredibly messy, but that is what makes it so much fun! Ensure that you have all the necessary materials so that you can keep your home clean and tidy. Damp cloths can ensure that sticky fingers do not leave marks around the house.

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