High-end hair styling on a budget

Maintaining great-looking hair requires time and effort, which is no secret. But here’s the good news: you don’t have to break the bank to achieve it. While it’s true that no one wakes up with perfect hair, celebrities often appear flawless because they have an entire team of dedicated hair technicians tending to them even before they step out of their homes. While most of us can manage without personal stylists, even a simple trim or a well-executed cut can noticeably enhance our overall appearance. By taking care of our hair with regular maintenance and incorporating healthy practices, we can achieve the luscious locks we desire. So, let’s invest a little more TLC into our hair, because the results are definitely worth it!


High-end hair styling example


Don’t repeat-wash in one session

Repeatedly shampooing your hair can lead to the stripping of its natural oils, causing it to become excessively dry. In fact, the popular notion of hair feeling “squeaky clean” is actually synonymous with a lack of moisture, which can be detrimental to your hair health. Experts advise against shampooing twice in the same wash, but rather suggest alternating shampooing with every other wash. Additionally, it is recommended to use a small amount of conditioner on the days when you’re not shampooing. When using shampoo, try using just half the recommended amount mentioned on the bottle. By following these guidelines, you not only promote healthier hair with increased volume but also cut down on your shampoo expenditure by half. Taking these steps will help maintain your hair’s natural oils while keeping it vibrant and nourished.

Careful with the timing

If you’ve recently coloured your hair, it is crucial to be mindful of the products you use. Avoid the use of clarifying shampoo, whether it’s homemade or store-bought, as it can strip away the newly applied colour, leading to an uneven tone. However, an effective strategy to counteract this is to use clarifying shampoo before the hair colour application. By doing so, any traces of build-up are effectively eliminated, resulting in hair that is primed to absorb and retain the colour. This careful preparation helps to ensure longer-lasting vibrancy and beauty, giving you the confidence to rock your newly coloured locks.

Use baking soda

Every six weeks or so, it’s beneficial to completely remove all traces of conditioner and styling products from your hair. One way to achieve this is by reaching for a box of common baking soda, easily found in your kitchen cabinet. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with two parts white vinegar. Slowly massage this mixture into your scalp, ensuring you cover all areas along the hair strands. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes to effectively dissolve product buildup and impurities. Finally, thoroughly rinse out the mixture to reveal clean, refreshed hair. This simple yet effective method will leave your hair feeling light, healthy, and free from any product residue.

Use the right pillowcases

If you sleep on satin pillowcases, you’ll discover that your hair experiences significantly less crumpling compared to cotton. This is because cotton roughens up the hair cuticles, whereas satin creates a gentle sliding surface that allows your hair to smoothly glide as you turn and roll during sleep. By embracing the softness and slippery nature of satin, you can wake up each morning with hair that remains beautifully intact and free from the tangles and frizz commonly associated with cotton pillowcases.

Visit the local hairdressing academy

Getting your hair done at the local college by trainee hairdressers will work out cheaper and often a lot better than visiting a high street salon. Students are usually keener to try out a lot of new styles, whilst at the same time ensuring that they’re doing their work properly. Tell them what they want and their supervisor will keep a check on things.

The myths of the simple-and-easy hairdo and the wash-and-go cut have pretty much exploded by now, and most people appreciate that only the starlets leave their houses with perfect hairdos. There are, however, numerous ways in which you can keep your hair not only under control but also looking great by taking a few shortcuts and applying half a bottle of common sense.

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