How to date when you have kids


Being a single parent doesn’t mean a romantic life is beyond reach, merely that dating needs approaching differently. Single parents should acknowledge that going out clubbing and dancing till dawn are over – meeting a ‘special someone’ is far more likely to happen at the school gates, in the supermarket queue, or increasingly, online.

Chances are, with one or more gorgeous children in tow, life is a busy whirlwind of school, social and sports engagements, homework, domestic drudgery and more – finding time to fit in some dating can prove challenging. That’s why many single parents choose the online dating option for its flexibility and convenience. At the end of a working day, followed by an evening of catering, organization, and childcare, it can sometimes seem there is no time left for a personal, ‘grown-up’ life.

Many singles are extremely focused on the happiness of their children, but when he or she feels down due to a lack of adult companionship, this can have a negative impact on the tight family unit. Who doesn’t feel better about a loving, rewarding relationship? Single parents are just as deserving of romance and fortunately, it has become easier to find it with the advent of online dating.

Since its early days in the 1990s, online dating has evolved into a smart, safe and effective way of finding a partner. Internet agencies such as Global Personals (find out more on their Wikipedia) cater to all types of people from old to young, single or divorced, gay or straight, widow or widower, outdoorsy or stay-at-home – working on the basis that for everybody, there is a somebody.

On the face of it, online dating is the perfect solution for busy single parents. After the children are in bed it’s possible to go online and socialize with like-minded people. No babysitters, totally controllable, secure, and flexible, Internet dating takes much of the hassle out of finding a new friend. By getting to know potential suitors well before a first meeting, the chances of a successful outcome are increased.

Tell a potential date about children in the early stages, they are part of the package and it’s only fair to inform a new love interest of the situation. Be prepared for it to put some people off, and yet others won’t bat an eyelid – they are the keepers, and the ones to focus on for the future. Any long-term relationship is only going to work if based on secure footings of honesty and clarity – with online dating there is potential for misreading situations and daters need to be conscious of such dangers.

It is equally important to keep children informed and involved in their parent’s life. Younger children, who tend to be more open to new people and experiences, may take to a new partner more readily. On the other hand, older kids, who may be more set in their ways, could be resistant to change. However, by ensuring that children are kept in the loop and engaged in the process, there’s a greater chance that a new partner will be welcomed with open arms and that the family dynamic can evolve in a positive way.

Parents and children shopping

Having kids is no longer an excuse for sitting out of the dating game. With the help of online dating, there has never been a simpler, more convenient way of searching for that special someone. Online dating platforms offer a vast array of profiles, preferences, and compatibility matching algorithms, making it easier than ever to find a compatible partner who shares your interests and values. It’s a chance to explore new connections, experience different perspectives, and expand your social circle, all while balancing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. So why wait? Dive into the world of online dating and discover the endless possibilities of finding love without compromising on your role as a parent. Everybody deserves a little loving, and with online dating, it’s never been easier to find that special someone who can embrace and cherish both you and your beautiful family.

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