The Benefits Of Country Life For Your Family


There is much to say about making a move to the country. City life suits many people, but those with young children often dream about moving to a place of peace and relative safety. It isn’t only the children that will benefit from a better quality of life; adults who suffer from stress and anxiety could find peace in their new haven. One of the main treatments for anxiety-based mental health problems is relaxation. How can you fail to relax in the beautiful British countryside?

If you are still in any doubt, read on. Here are just some of the benefits of country life for your family.

Country Living

Air Quality

People who suffer from asthma and other conditions that are affected by pollution will benefit immediately from the fresh air away from the cities. The concentration of vehicles in densely populated areas is a significant problem because of the emissions from the engines. I don’t need to argue this point too much because it is obvious; fresh air is better for you than engine fumes. If the estate agents in Ripon in North Yorkshire have some country homes on their books, relief could be within your grasp.


If you happen to reside in an area blessed with vast fields adorning the confines of your garden, you may find yourself inclined to grant the children in your care an extra dose of freedom. The tranquil expanse provides them with ample opportunities to joyfully unravel mysteries and embark on exciting adventures, while their curious spirits roam untethered, unencumbered by the ever-present specter of busy roads and the harrowing spectacles they entail. With the absence of perilous encounters with vehicular traffic, their explorations are unhindered and the realm of play is expanded, allowing them to truly revel in the wonders of unfettered exploration.


You are more likely to go for a walk in a beautiful setting than you would in a crowded town. There is much to see and do in the countryside. Perhaps you will find a local stream to dip your toes in, or a woodland where the children can build a den.


If you deeply cherish the companionship of dogs, imagine the joy of having as many as your heart desires, with thousands of expansive acres for them to roam and play on. In contrast, the bustle of noise and pollution in crowded towns can often pose challenges for owning a dog. It is in the countryside, amidst the serene and sprawling landscapes, where these furry friends can truly thrive, basking in the tranquility and bliss that comes with being away from the hubbub of dense population centers.


Your kids can learn all about the flora and fauna in our fair isle. There are hundreds of little creatures for them to track down, so they are never at a loss for something to do. Maybe you could turn it into a family activity and build a hide to sit and watch the animals as they move about. You will see foxes and squirrels, but if you are lucky, you may see some badgers.

Dark Sky

If you are away from light pollution, you will see more stars in the sky than your ever have before. If you are lucky in a town, you will make out about fifty stars at night, but in the country, you will see more than you could count in your lifetime. Buy some binoculars or a telescope to see the universe at its best. It could be the start of a lifelong passion.

I think a survey would show that given the choice, many people would move to the country. It is good for the mind and body. I hope you make it there one day; we all deserve some peace and quiet.

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