How We Made An Amazing Playroom For Our Children

Making a playroom was one of our best ideas in a long time! As the kids grew older, they started to treat the entire house like a playground. They were climbing on kitchen surfaces, and jumping on the furniture and there were toys everywhere. We’d start finding Buzz Lightyear toys in the weirdest places! Sound familiar? We needed to do something, so we created a playroom. In this post, we’ll explain how we did it and how it can benefit you.
A fun playroom

Carve out a good space

For us, we sacrificed our office space. It was once a little area of peace and quiet until the kids got so loud that nowhere was quiet! We rarely used it anyway, so it made much better sense to turn it into a playroom. We emptied the clutter, found the best storage for it all, and gutted the room. If you don’t have a spare room, you can always partition an area of their bedroom. We know couples who have transformed a part of their garage too. Use whatever space you have available to you.

Choose a theme

The plan was to make sure the kids loved every second of their new playroom. So we let them decide on the theme. They chose a Toy Story theme full of space and cowboy decorations. Boys will be boys. We are sure that in a year’s time, they’ll have a new obsession and we’ll have to change it! But, for now, it’s Toy Story themed. We chose the right paint for the job and picked up a few relevant decorations. You can literally make any theme work in your playroom. Think of it as a challenge!

Get the children involved in decorating

This was the most fun part. The kids loved being involved in creating their own room. They got stuck in with painting and decorating. A lot of the time it was a complete mess. But, the important thing is that they put their own stamp on it! Of course, it’s really important that you keep them safe and help them with anything. When it comes to installing storage units and other bits and pieces, make sure you’re in charge. Put up their artwork or favorite pictures. Let them make it their own.

Good mix of learning toys and fun toys

We really wanted them to have their own space. But it’s certainly not a case of building the playroom and leaving them to it! Once it was ready, we filled it with their favorite toys. However, we made sure that there were plenty of things there to aid their learning. It’s really important that they keep developing their cognitive and motor skills as they grow. A playroom isn’t just for playing, it’s for learning. Let them explore their imagination, create things and learn along the way.

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FAQs About The Playroom We Built

1. What made you want to create a playroom for your children?

As a mom and dad, the most rewarding part of parenting is seeing our kids enjoy their childhood. We knew that having a playroom for them was the best way to allow them to do just that. We wanted our kids to have a dedicated space where they would be safe and able to explore their own creativity without burning through all the furniture in the house! Our kids love it and spending time with them as they play is one of our greatest joys as parents.

2. How did you go about designing the playroom?

As a parent to two kids, I knew creating a playroom that was designed for both kids’ needs would not be easy. I believe the most challenging part of designing a kids’ playroom is understanding that kids grow and change very quickly which means the room will have to evolve with them. In order to make sure the playroom would accommodate their growth, I spent time researching kid-friendly accessories and furniture that could facilitate our kids’ need for entertainment while allowing mom and dad to keep an eye on them. Although the task seemed daunting, it ultimately paid off when my kids saw their new room filled with activities they enjoy while still having enough space open to explore and discover.

3. How did you make the playroom fun and interactive for your children?

We started out with basics like bookshelves for literature and lapboards for coloring and puzzles, then added in a ball pit, an outdoor jungle gym, an indoor rock-climbing center, and plenty of board games. To make it even more interesting, Mom and Dad would join in on most activities–sometimes competing against each other! This not only gave us quality bonding time with the kids but taught them some valuable life lessons too.

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How do you organize a small kids’ playroom?

Even though the playroom may be the smallest room in your house, it can often become the messiest. To help you stay organized, here are some tips and tricks for managing a kid’s playroom.

Create Storage Areas

The first step in organizing a playroom is to create designated storage areas that work best for you and your family. A great way to do this is by using containers to store items like books, toys, and games. Choose intelligently-sized boxes that are easy for kids to reach but also fit in the space you have available. You can also install shelves or hang hooks on the walls to make use of vertical space.

Label Everything

Once you have set up designated storage spaces, label each one so everyone knows where things go when cleaning up after playing. Labels can be as simple as written words or pictures of what goes in each box or shelf. This will help children gain independence and responsibility with clean-up time because they’ll know exactly where everything should go.

Manage Clutter & Get Rid of Unused Items

Managing clutter can be one of the most challenging tasks when organizing a playroom but it is also one of the most important ones to keep your home tidy. Sort through toys and other items every few months and donate anything that hasn’t been used in a while or no longer fits your children’s age group. This will help keep messes from piling up while providing an opportunity for children to learn how to declutter their own belongings responsibly.

With creativity and thoughtful planning, organizing a small kids’ playroom can be both manageable and fun! Designated storage areas are key for staying organized; feel free to get creative with labeling systems such as written words or pictures so everyone can easily identify where things go during clean-up time.

Now we have a fantastic room that the kids love. We’ve reclaimed our own house back and it (mostly) stays quite tidy. With their own fun space, they’re less inclined to turn the kitchen into a playground. Try your own version and see how it works out. Good luck!

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