3 Myths about Nursing bras

Selecting a nursing bra can be a difficult task, especially if you’re soon to be a mum for the first time and aren’t sure what you should be looking for. There is a lot of information out there about what you should and shouldn’t look for. It is important to ensure that your nursing bra fits well, not only for comfort but for health reasons too.

You’re probably thinking “but it’s only a bra, how can it affect my health?” quite a lot actually. Not only is an ill-fitting bra bad for your back, but it could irritate your milk ducts causing them to block and become more vulnerable to infection. Finding the right nursing bra is very important. But there are a lot of myths about what you should avoid when choosing. We’ve outlined the top five below and explained why you shouldn’t pay attention to them.


Nursing Bra


Myth #1: Underwire Nursing Bras Should Not Be Worn

A lot of people believe this myth, which claims that underwired nursing bras make your milk ducts more prone to infection as the metal presses against your skin and can lead to blockages. This is simply not true – a well-fitting underwired nursing bra can be just as comfortable and safe as a non-wired bra and are often a better option for women with larger breasts as they offer fuller support.

To ensure that your underwire is not going to affect your milk production, make sure that it encircles your breast without digging in. Most infections are not caused by the bra itself but by an improper fit. A large percentage of women wear an incorrect-sized bra – so make sure you are fitted by a professional.

Myth #2: There is no Difference Between a Maternity Bra and a Nursing Bra

Nursing bras and maternity bras are very different and you should really ensure that you have several of each. Maternity bras are worn during pregnancy. They are designed for maximum comfort and support for your changing breasts and have stretch cups to accommodate for when they grow.

Nursing bras on the other hand are to be worn once the baby is born. Nursing bras have cups that drop down to make nursing easier. They are usually secured with snaps so that they are easy to unfasten and secure with one hand because you will have a baby in the other.

You shouldn’t try to use your maternity bras as nursing bras, or vice versa. They both serve different purposes.

Myth #3: My body will grow during the last weeks of pregnancy, so I should buy a loose band

Yes, it is true that your body will grow, but you should make sure that the bras you buy have a properly fitting band. The band supports 90% of the breast, so if your band is too loose you will not be adequately supported. If the band is too loose your bra could ride up and dig into the breast tissue. A correctly fitted band will fit comfortably below the breasts.

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