Kayaking Vacations: A Beginners Guide For Parents


Kayaking is a popular way of traveling across the water. Some people use kayaks as part of search and rescue operations during flooding, for example. But others use kayaks for wilderness exploration and as part of other adventure activities.

It’s one of those things that people of all ages can enjoy. Are you planning to go on vacation with your family soon? If so, and you want a memorable experience, have you considered going on a kayaking vacation?

This kayaking primer for parents will tell you all you need to know about arranging and staying safe on your kayaking vacation.

Are you a good paddler?

One of the mistakes that parents often make on kayaking vacations is that at least one of them isn’t good at paddling! Are you an inexperienced paddler? If so, I recommend taking some kayaking lessons before embarking on a kayaking vacation with your family.

The last thing you want to do is make your vacation memorable – but for the wrong reasons! There are plenty of places in the US and beyond where you can pay for kayaking lessons.

Are you all good at swimming?

Before you do any kayaking, you should all be able to swim. If things go wrong when you are all kayaking in open water, you don’t want to come to any harm. That is why it is important everyone is competent at swimming before they go kayaking.

Swimming lessons are affordable, and you are bound to find a local swimming center near you. If you have your own swimming pool at home, you can always have someone come out and teach you swimming skills at your home.

Arranging your kayaking vacation

At this point, you are ready to organize your kayaking vacation. Many travel agencies offer kayaking vacation packages. These packages include the hire of kayaks, paddles, and safety equipment.

Some even include transport to and from the airport. Of course, some families prefer to plan their own bespoke travel itineraries. The Internet is great for comparing prices on flights and accommodation. And you can also make arrangements with kayaking clubs yourself.

For a real outdoor experience, consider camping in a tent. Nothing beats spending a summer’s evening by a creek, gazing up at the stars or sitting around a campfire!

Regardless of your vacation destination, I recommend taking out outdoor adventure insurance. It will provide cover for you and your family in case one or more of your party gets injured whilst kayaking.


A lot of people ask me what clothing they should wear on a kayaking vacation. In my experience, it’s best to pack a mixture of clothing for all weather conditions.

When you go out on a kayak, you should wear some waterproof clothing for obvious reasons. On land, wear clothing appropriate to the current climate. And if you’re camping, it’s best to wear warm clothes at night, as the evenings are far colder than the daytime.

I hope you enjoy your kayaking vacation. Thanks for stopping by!

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