Keeping Your Home Free Of Children’s Clutter Isn’t As Hard As You Think


As parents, we know that when it comes to children and clutter, they go hand in hand. Toys, games, clothing, and play equipment – kids come with a lot of stuff. It’s not that we mind our children having lots of toys and games to play with, what bugs us is that our homes resemble an exploded toy shop.

Living in a home that is constantly cluttered with toys might be perfect for your children, but it is probably causing you a lot of stress. If you are feeling stressed out because of the clutter in your home, the first thing that you need to do is take a deep breath. There might be toys, games, and goodness knows what else, scattered around, but you can easily change that, so don’t stress out.

If you are wondering how you can take your home from a cluttered space to somewhere that is free of clutter, we have everything that you need to know, below.

To help you keep your home clutter-free, we have put together some simple tips:

Clean up as you go

The first thing that I would recommend doing is cleaning up as you go – this is the best way to beat clutter. If your children are old enough to help you around the house, explain to them that they can play with their toys, but must put them away, afterward. If they are too small to put their own toys away, you will need to do it for them.

Teaching your children the importance of cleaning as they go, will not only help to keep your house clutter-free, but it is also a good life lesson. It might be hard at first to get your children to remember that they must clean as they go, but after a few reminders, they will soon pick it up.

Have a rule for how many toys can be out at once

Does your child have a habit of pulling out all of their toys at once and spreading them across the house? If your child spreads their toys all around the house, it can be incredibly annoying, as it makes it look cluttered.

A good way to deal with this issue is to introduce a rule about how many toys your child is allowed to get out at once. Sit your little one down and explain to them that from now on they may only get out five different toys at once. It might take a little getting used to, but after a while, your child will catch on.

If your child purposely gets out more toys than he or she is allowed, make sure that there is a consequence for it. For example, if your child gets out one extra toy, tell them that the next day they will only be allowed four toys out at once, instead of five.

Ensure that you have adequate storage in every room

The key to keeping your home clutter-free when you have little ones is ensuring that in every room, you have adequate storage. By having lots of storage all around the house, you will have plenty of places to store your children’s toys.

In the living room, perhaps you could add a toy chest that can be used for your child to store all their bits and bobs in. If you have a look online, you can find some stylish children’s toy chests that will look great in any living room.

In the kitchen, maybe you could dedicate a draw to your child’s art supplies and kitchen games so that your kitchen stays neat. Or, if you don’t have room in your drawers, perhaps you could invest in some stacking boxes for your child to use as storage?

In the bathroom, perhaps you could invest in a vanity unit and use part of it as storage for your child’s bathtime toys. There are lots of different styles available, so make sure to choose one that is child-friendly.

Create a playroom

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, consider turning it into a playroom for your child. If your child has somewhere of their own to play, then they will keep most of their toys and games in there, and so, your home would be kept free of clutter.

As parents, we know that kids come with a lot of stuff, and we’re fine with that, as long as it doesn’t overtake our homes. It can be hard keeping your home clear of clutter when you have little ones, but if you follow the tips above, it is doable.

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