How to Make Your Living Room Attractive and Child Friendly

Kids keep us young, and exhausted. They are the reason, however, that most of us go to such great lengths to make a home and a nest. The home itself is a never-ending project that we pour lots of money into and spend so much time working on.

As parents, we must always keep in mind that, especially while the kids are young, we may not be able to achieve perfection in our upgrades and decorating. In fact, it would be unfair if we attempted it. By trying to make things perfect, we often find ourselves constantly telling the children off for making marks on furniture or spilling drinks. This spoils our experience of raising children and their experience of growing up in the home.

There are a few ways we can have an attractive living room while making it child friendly at the same time. Here are a few of my ideas; I hope you can take, and use, some of them in your own room.

Furniture Selection

Select sofas and armchairs that are made from a durable and stain-resistant material. When you are at the showroom, the salesmen will try to convince you that a fabric sofa, which is proving hard to sell, has been treated with the latest anti-stain chemicals and is indestructible, Don’t believe them, there isn’t a fabric out there that can withstand a happy family. Instead, choose a leather, or faux leather suit that can simply be wiped over when a spill or mark appears. That way you can all sit without getting anxious about stains.

When choosing wooden cabinets and tables, it is a good idea to avoid items that have sharp corners. Most furniture these days can be found with rounded edges. Now, it will still hurt if the kids trip and bang their heads, but rounded edges can save the need for stitches.

A couple furniture shopping

Laminate It

Lay a laminate, or even real wood floor if you are concerned about muddy feet treading over carpets. Young children do run in and out of the house when they are playing, and there is no point in trying to fight it. This floor is easy to lay by even a DIY beginner. The only skill needed is being able to use a saw, which anyone can do. The boards click together now, so there is no need to worry about getting glue all over the place. The flooring is hardwearing, easy to clean, attractive, and can even be lifted and installed in another room when you feel like a change.

Soft Furnishings

Kids can fall asleep on a clothesline; therefore, it is a good idea to have a couple of beanbags in the room for them to flop on. When watching television before bed in the evenings, they will probably love to cuddle under a throw that sits on the back of the sofa. Plenty of cushions are a good idea too so they can get comfy.

The rest of the decorating, in my opinion, can be as expensive and beautiful as would be found in a home without children. Just these few basic changes can make your room a happier, more attractive, and safer place until your children have grown. You can’t put a price on that.

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