Saving money, finding loans for people with bad credit and learning to budget: how do families keep their kids rainy day fund topped up?

In the UK, it’s not unheard of for it to rain on odd occasions, especially during the school holidays! This can mean keeping the kids entertained becomes a little tricky!

It’s therefore essential to have an alternative at hand when the rain strikes. Such alternatives tend to cost money though, and there have already been reports on how one in ten Brits have abandoned their hobbies over the last 12 months due to rising costs with a further 41% admitting they’d only take up more leisure pursuits if they had the money to do so.

If you want to boost your kid’s rainy day fund so that none of you have to miss out on your favorite hobbies because of finances, then take a look at these ideas.




Save a little each week

Putting a small amount aside each and every week is a great way to save for a rainy day as this money will quickly mount up, creating a substantial rainy day fund. Even putting away a few pound a week will add up over the month to give you a sizable amount of money to play with.

Look out for coupons

You can sign up to a number of websites today, all of which boast daily deals. Such deals come in the shape of 2 for 1 ticket’s to a number of exciting events and activities, half price excursions and low price toys.

Once you purchase these vouchers, you often have anything between a month and a year to use them which makes them a great option for the next rainy day!

Invest in quick cash

If that rainy day comes round quicker than you first thought, getting your hands on a few pennies fast may be the only option. This could mean dipping into your savings – leaving your finances stretched for any future expenditures.

While taking a loan for treats such as this is not recommended as it can lead to bad spending habits, you may want to keep them in mind should you find your savings are still lacking when an unexpected and unavoidable cost arises – like needing to repair damage on your car or replace something in the home.

Firms such as can be a real blessing in these situations and offer loans for people with bad credit so you don’t need to worry about previous financial dealings getting in the way of your financial present.

Create a rainy-day itinerary

It’s sometimes difficult to know what costs what, especially when entertaining children. Having a list of place prices and opening times is a great way to ensure you have the current funds. You may choose to include activities such as a trip to the cinema, a road trip to the nearby adventure park, or an aqua Zumba session at the local swimming pool – basically, anything else that tickles your fancy.

When creating this itinerary, it’s wise to include the kids. Their tastes tend to change every week and without their input, you could end up with a list of undesirable activities that will make the rainy weather look inviting!

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