The Benefits of Orthopaedic And Orthotic Footwear

In this post, we will look at two very important types of foot-related products –Dr. Sholl shoes and orthotic insoles.

For a long time, people have had problems seeing past the general look of Dr. Sholl’s shows, which means they have not really taken on board the benefits of wearing them.  In the late 60’s the shoes were released for the first time as an orthopedic show aimed at people who had no arches, bad posture, or who suffered pain in their feet.  Therefore, people only saw them as being suitable for people with foot issues, rather than seeing the potential comfort and support of Sholl shoes.  Additionally, they were not the most attractive shoe to look at.

This perception changed in recent years because of whole new lines of Sholl shoes in designs and styles that would fool you into thinking they were made by a different brand.  So now Dr. Sholl’s shoes look good as well as having many health benefits.  We will now look at some of the benefits.


Good To Your Feet

As Dr. Sholl’s shoes are always made with feet in mind, they all have the appropriate amount of support for every part of the foot, no matter what foot problem you may have.  Wearing Sholl shoes is a good way to avoid the damages that can occur from walking and can also help with the healing process.

Save Money On Insoles

While insoles are helpful for making your normal shoes more supportive of your feet, Sholl shoes are made to act in the same way as the insoles.  This means you don’t have to pay extra for insoles as they are naturally built into these shoes.

They Are Stylishness

As mentioned at the beginning, Sholl shoes used to be known as anything but stylish.  They always looked bulky and very unfashionable.  Nowadays, the technology and design of shoes have made it possible for them to look like normal, more stylish shoes while still having the same orthopedic properties.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles could positively affect the overall health of your body.  Around 70% of people suffer from some sort of foot condition that impairs their body’s normal functionality.  Both plantar fasciitis and overpronation will affect a large number of people at some point in their lifetime.  These conditions can be addressed and alleviated by wearing orthotic insoles.

This is because the foot is part of your body that absorbs all the force and shock produced by walking, which causes friction between the bones and muscles.   The majority of people wear orthotic insoles to support and ease pain caused by the above conditions and many other degenerative foot disorders.  They can also help to improve muscle and bone alignment which can cause problems in your lower back.  In addition, they can help relieve any inflammation you may be suffering from and also restrict the movement of your feet, particularly when your knees, ankles, or toes have been damaged and need to heal properly.

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