Ultimate Guide To Supporting Your Little League


School-age kids come with a lot of baggage. It seems there are so many clubs and sports they can participate in these days. If you ever feel like all your money is being spent on kits and equipment for extracurricular activities, then you are not alone. Having an interest in lots of different pursuits is very healthy for a child, even if it may make us broke in the process!

The reason these things cost so much is not necessarily a case of money grabbing on the part of the organizers. It does cost a lot of money to run a little league or club, and often the parents need to foot the bill. There is the cost of the venue and the kits, as well as all the equipment they need. The training for the organizers is also very expensive and needs to include child safety and first aid. Then there are the administrative costs like newsletters, websites, and registrations.

Most communities find they need to raise funds to keep their little leagues alive. And it’s not just kids’ sports that are in need of regular influxes of cash. You may find your community will request donations for churches, sports, baseball teams, and more. Sometimes it is appropriate to ask a local business to provide sponsorship. While the parents are great at feeding in regular subscriptions, sometimes a large purchase is required that only sponsorship can cover. The perks of this for the business in question are advertising and PR.


Kids playing baseball


Other Considerations

If you are hoping to run a club, group, or little league, there are lots of things to consider that go far beyond the initial funding. Working with children requires lots of checks, insurance, and certification. Getting all these together can take months. You also need help. Running a children’s group or club alone can leave you vulnerable to problems and is not safe for the kids. If one of them needed to pop into the bathroom or were injured, you would be unable to properly supervise all the others. A second responsible and authorized adult is essential.

There are other ways you can help your community teams and groups that don’t involve great sums of money. Volunteering your time to help out with refreshments, carpooling, and equipment maintenance can all be highly beneficial. As a volunteer, you would not be paid, but you would be relied upon to commit to regularly helping out. This could be easier for you if one of your kids were directly involved too. It may be you have a particular skill set that is highly useful, like needlecraft for repairing kits or food hygiene certification for providing snacks.

It is always nice to give something back to your local community. It is also a good way to network and get to know everyone in the town. Most importantly, it provides enrichment in your life and opportunities for your kids. Without volunteers and generous donations, most kids’ clubs do perish leaving children without those valuable life experiences.

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