The Best Gifts For Any Occasion


Wouldn’t it be really nice if there were an easy list of easy-to-buy gifts to suit any occasion? For me, I get stuck on gifts for guys. Lots of my friends struggle to buy something for their Mums on Mother’s Day. Well, after a lot of pondering, and lot of research, I have created a quick cheat sheet or list. These gifts could be good no matter what the occasion. Most are good for guys and gals, and they also work whatever age the recipient is. So here it is, my top 10 easy wins for gifts:

1. Photo frame – All of my friends and most of my family are really into social media. There are hundreds of photos I still haven’t caught up with across their FaceBook and Pinterest accounts. Not one of them has been pointed out to be treasured properly. A silver photo frame containing that special shot is perfect for birthdays or any occasion.

Any occasion

2. Bottle of plonk – A good bottle of wine works for almost any adult recipient, and certainly works wonders on Father’s Day! Go for something a little more special on big occasions.

3. Choccies – Chocolates make a great gift, but they tend always to be given to girls. I don’t know many fellas that wouldn’t polish the box off in one night.

4. Gift voucher – Some of you old-fashioned types might not like handing over gifts where you can tell how much has been spent. The supermarkets stock voucher cards for pretty much every store you can think of.

5. Flowers – Awwww. I love getting flowers. Just for the record, it is OK to give flowers to a guy. However, it’s probably less uncomfortable if you do it in private.


6. Food hamper – These are really popular at Christmas, but I wouldn’t say no to a continental hamper any time of year. Foods from overseas work best because they seem so exotic. Perfect for souvenir gifts.

7. Jewelry – Girls love jewelry gifts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s costume or platinum. If it looks good with an outfit, then it’s a winner’s present. Guys aren’t so big on jewelry, but if your fella wears an earring or is fond of watches, then you could win him over with a gift like that.


8. Clothes – Clothing is a great gift for any occasion. A friend of mine has a Mother-in-law who is always knitting her jumpers! Pick something that looks a lot like what they already wear and you can’t go too wrong.

9. Spa day – This is traditionally the gift you get for a birthday or anniversary, but it will be a most welcome gift for any occasion. Guys can take advantage of the sports massages. And ladies can sample anything from facials and manicures to relaxing Yoga classes. Heavenly.

10. Wallet or purse – Unbelievably, these are very popular gifts. Choose something fashionable or high quality. Complete it with a gift box and a £2 coin inside.

Gift ideas can be tricky to come up with. These tried and tested staples should help you when inspiration refuses to arrive. Add a card, and you can be the perfect gift giver too.

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