Top Sports and Recreation in the North of England

There are a number of sports and recreation activities available in the North of England. Those who have an adventurous streak inside them, aren’t going to merely enjoy trips that encompass a couple of light strolls through trails or a slow, calm cruise along waterways. For those who are geared to take the extra step and enjoy a thrilling and adventurous trip, there are various sports and recreation activities present in the North of England. Here is a comprehensive list of possible sports and recreation activities, which you can consider indulging in:

1. Cycling

Several people enjoy a leisure-filled cycling trip but are nervous to cycle on roads due to its associated dangers and especially when it involves children. Therefore, there are various cycle trails and routes present in the North of England. It is also a perfect way to explore some glorious Great British countryside on two wheels.

You will find these trails to be family-friendly that are well surfaced and provide toilet facilities and resting places. Some of the famous cycling sites include Chapel Challenge Cycle Route Durham, Whitby & Esk Valley Circular Cycle Route in North Yorkshire, Sedbergh Circular via Tan Hill Inn Cycle Route and many more.


2. Surfing/bodyboarding

If you plan to spend your vacations in a seaside town or are heading off to the coast to marvel at the vast scenic views then surfing is an incredible sport to consider. The British Isles stretches along 31,000km of coastline, however, some of the most famous locations for surfing are found in Wales and Cornwall.

Look out for beginner surfing courses if you want your little ones to participate, they might even be able to master the activity better than you. On the other hand, bodyboarding doesn’t require much effort or standing on the board as in surfing. Bodyboarding is a great activity for your children as it can be done in shallow waters; all that you need is some enthusiastic flopping to catch a wave that will send you surfing through the waves.

Although there are very limited locations for surfing in the North of England, you can consider four spots: Bamburgh, Headland Prom, Saltburn and Tynemouth-Longsands.

Woman surfing

3. Rowing boats/canoeing

Take your children on a fun-filled water-sport journey, which includes exploring the various lakes, and water-sport centres, which accompany boat-hire facilities. If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous day activity for the whole family then you can hire a rowboat and spend your afternoons leisurely exploring the outdoors. You can also select canoeing courses, guided tours and canoe events and trails. Experience an adrenaline rush as pass by some fascinating and charming sites. Select from various water sports centres and canoe clubs situated in the North of England such as Blackpool Outdoor Adventure Group, Lancaster & District Canoe Club, Low Wood Watersports Centre in Cumbria, Liverpool Watersports Centre, and several more.

4. Karting North East

It is renowned for karting since it provides one of the largest and most technical circuits in the UK. They have all kinds of karting packages available to cater for groups of all sizes and if you are looking to experience the high-speed thrill of karting then Karting North East is the place to be. It also includes numerous other fun-filled activities such as Paintball, Rage Rally, Archery+Tomahawks and Off Road 4×4. Consider spending a quality, a fun-packed day with your family at Karting North East.

Getting to the north could not be easier, simply buy a train ticket to travel by rail or jump into your car, though the journey can take quite a while.

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