Ways that Your Kids can Improve Your Home’s Security

Ways that Your Kids can Improve Your Home

You want to keep a safe home, but not just for yourself. Your kids are the most important thing in your life and you want to keep them safe more than anything in the world. Part of keeping your kids safe means keeping the home that you provide for them as safe as it can possibly be. You may feel stressed, thinking that all of this responsibility is falling on you, but you might be able to look for help in some unexpected places.

If you are looking to make your home safer for your kids, why don’t you let your kids help you make a safer home? There are a lot of activities and improvements that your kids can make that will not only make the house safer for them but can improve the safety of the home for everyone in it. Here are some ways that your kids can help you improve your home’s security.

Monitoring security on a smartphone

Help them learn to use the home security system

Having a home security system is the best way to keep your home as safe as possible at all times. ADT Home Security will ensure that even though you might not be at home to keep an eye on your kids, someone is still watching over them. Make sure that your kids thoroughly understand the home security system. They need to understand why it’s there, what it does, and how it can be used in case of an emergency. Give your kids regular drills so they know how to use the system at all times.

Give them duties to do each day to ensure home safety

You want your kids to do little chores around the house anyways, so why not let them keep your home safe while they do their chores? Give your kids a list of things to do each day. For example, before they leave the house they should turn off and unplug all their electronics and set up the home security system. You can also have them help you prevent other security hazards, like cleaning out the air vents and the laundry lint trap. These chores may seem like too much work, but if they understand the consequences they will be more willing to help.

Put them to work outside

If your kids need to burn some energy, give them a little work to do outside. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious, just normal house care that needs to be done in order to keep your home safe. Have them maintain the lawn and hedges, preventing any hiding spots for potential predators. You can have them clean the gutters to avoid build-up that could damage your home.

Give each child a spare key if they are going to be outside the home without you

If your kids every leave the home, they should have a spare key. Relying on a neighbor to let them in can be tricky and leaving a spare key under the front door mat is never a good idea, because that’s the first place that predators look. Instead, let them have their own keys so they can come and go easily.

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