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After spending all day doing my mum stuff, taking the kids to school, working, picking the kids up, making dinner for everyone, helping with homework, bath time, bedtime then it’s ME! time. So how do I send my ME! time? Well, I write my blog, I browse other blogs, I checkout the latest news and if I still have time I might do some crafting or reading to wind down before bed. During my most recent ME! time I stumbled on a dad blog that really made me laugh, it was so amusing. So I did a search for other dad blogs and the scope of things they talk about is amazing.

Daddysincharge.com is a really amusing blog, one of his more recent posts is on thedecline of his child’s love of Lego, and something I am sure we can all relate to. Lego is a staple toy inmost households but therecomes apoint in every child’slife where it is no longer the ‘must have’ at birthdays and Christmas. The author laments this fact and is concerned how his child can turn his back on Lego much easier than daddy can. But the next post is a tribute to the new baby Prince. Complete with pictures, the tribute is amusing and is all done with Lego figurines… Iam guessing that Lego will not stay in a cupboard, unwanted, for very long.




Theoutdoorsdad.com is one very much for those who love to do things as a family. In fact, that is the reason the blog was stare. The author reminisces about the trips he made as a child with the rest of his family, the camping holidays and the fun they had together, and now he is a father himself wants to try to create a few of those memories for his own children. The blog is one of the newer ones to hit the scene, but in my opinion it is going to be a good one, so it is worth bookmarking it.

Busydadblog.com is considered to be the funniest dad blog in the blogosphere, it is worth checking out just to see if you agree. Although you can’t please everyone all of the time you will probably find that this blog makes everyone who reads it at least crack a smile once, it would be almost impossible not to. The latest post is all about getting his kids to eat their greens and his approach to something every parent will face at some time or other. His one is another that is worth bookmarking for later, especially if you are in the mood for a good chuckle.

Dad blogs, once the poor relation in the blogosphere world, are now really showing that they too can hold their own when it comes to life, love and all things family related.

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