Why Old Furniture is better than new



If you’ve done any amount of perusal of furniture blogs and communities online, you can’t fail to have noticed a great deal of furore concerning the latest style trends and offerings of contemporary arty designs. Countless websites and forums primarily interested in the most cutting-edge in novelty shapes and fads, whose pretention vastly outweighs the value they attribute to functionality.

But what’s so wrong with the characteristics of existing furniture? The tables and chairs already owned by most of us, the ones that are not too dissimilar to the ones our great-grandparents would’ve owned, are tried and tested compositions- faithfully seating and serving for their entire lives, without the need for gaudy gimmicks.


For a start, trustworthy furniture should be rooted in practical effectivity:

  • You should be able to sit a large person on a chair, and for them to be confident it won’t surrender beneath them.
  • -You should be able to relax on a piece of furniture intending as a seat, and not have to perch tentatively.
  • You shouldn’t have to spend any amount of attention or thought on figuring out the cultural significance of your table in order to use it properly.
  • Your furniture shouldn’t necessitate two people to work! (I’ve literally seen this one, a type of seat that doesn’t balance without a couple of humans teaming up- probably for some metaphorically poignant reason).

Furniture shouldn’t be treated as accessories or decoration even; it should be the bones of your home. The best and most reliable furniture eventually just blends in with the room, as if almost invisible. I’m all for expressing your creative impulses, or indulging the whim to assert your individuality, but that is the job of objets d’art and the like- not of the seating. Trust me if you buy an unusually shaped chair as a conversation peace, you’ll start wishing you had a nice comfy old couch from which to admire it.


The expression goes “If these walls could talk”, but oftentimes the furniture too has also been privy to entire lifetimes. Old furniture has cradled you to sleep with a good book, given your unexpected guest a place to spend the night, given your hungover self a place to waste a Sunday afternoon.

There are apparently many reasons that one should aspire to achieve a home décor that makes your abode look fresh out of the pages of a futuristic catalogue, but you can’t pretend that one of them is the level of comfortability or character.

Those of you without furniture, thinking about your options, I implore you not to simply swan into Ikea or any of these other tosh-peddlers but instead attribute some worth to characterful furniture with a story to tell. There are dozens of online and real-life places to acquire second-hand or antique furniture, all robust and substantial, and I’d imagine for only a small fraction of the price expected of you from the most competitive furniture stores.

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