4 Tips You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Kitchen Faucet

Regardless of if you are upgrading your current faucets or buying brand-new ones, there are some important factors you should take into consideration before you spend any of your hard-earned cash.  Choosing a kitchen faucet of high quality should go without saying.  Although it may mean spending more than you might like, the extra you pay may mean you avoid having to pay out again sooner than later because the cheaper faucet ran into problems.  With this in mind, we have put together the four most important tips for buying kitchen faucets below.

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The Number Of Holes

It is wise to consider when upgrading your existing faucets, if possible to buy new faucets that require the same number of holes in the sink as the one being replaced.  Conventional faucets with hot and cold water taps need three holes, one for each tap and one for the spout.  There is often the need for another hole for the sprayer to slot into.  One-piece faucets only require one hole for the handle and one for the sprayer.  By far the most commonly used is the single-hole faucet.  This is due to the fact it is easy to operate and maintain.

The Types Of Handles

Generally, ordinary faucets have either two handles for mixing hot and cold water or one handle that rotates to give you the choice of water temperature.  One-piece faucets tend to have either handle attached to the faucet unit or either side of the faucet.  Single-handled kitchen faucets are far easier to use and maintain and are the most commonly used.  From a hygiene point of view, a lever handle is a good option when you are cooking using raw meat as you can just use your elbow to turn it.

Faucets With Sprayers Are Recommended

Modern faucets often include a sprayer in the form of an in-built dishwasher dispenser/soap dispenser.  Although a multi-function spray head is much more recommended.  Normally these include a pull-out or pull-down from the faucet head or to the side of the spout.

Water Filter System In Your Faucet

If you are concerned about the cleanliness or hardness of your local tap water, you can now buy kitchen faucets that include built-in filtration systems.  Although this may cost an extra bit of money, being able to turn the tap or pull the lever to get a glass or kettle full of clean, clear, and fresh water is worth spending more money for.

As with any purchase you intend to make online if it is entirely possible you should try to get down to your local plumbing accessories, kitchen furniture, and fixtures store so you can see examples of the products you are interested in up close and personal.  That way you will be able to better choose from something like the Dornbracht kitchen fixtures range when you visit PlumbTile.com.

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