Top Tips to Make Your Kid’s Birthday One to Remember

If you’ve got a child with a special birthday coming up, you may be stuck for ideas as to what to do. With so many options available, it’s little wonder that many parents find their heads spinning before they’ve even started writing the guest list. So, if you’ve been racking your brains trying to think how to make your kid’s party one to remember, rest assured. Because we’ve come up with three ideas that’ll make sure that they’re talking about this birthday for years to come.

Organize a Fun Day

Thankfully, a fun day isn’t half as hard to organize as it may sound. There are lots of companies that offer bouncy castles for hire and are mostly quite affordable. Be warned though, if there are also adults coming to the party, you may find that they love it more than the kids! Buy some brightly colored balloons and decorate the party venue with streamers. There are also companies that offer Slushie machine hire, which makes for a unique party focal point. The kids will love it, and it’ll go down especially well if it happens to be a hot day. Organize a few party games and events such as a ‘three-legged race’, or a dancing competition and ‘Bob’s your uncle’!

Take Them on a Day-Trip

Not every kid is going to want a party, but this doesn’t mean that they still can’t have a birthday to remember. You know your child better than anyone else. So, you’re going to know what kind of day trip they’d enjoy the most. If you have a little boy who’s obsessed with dinosaurs, there are lots of museums that have some amazing dinosaur exhibitions. This is a great way to get their imaginations fired up and actually teach them something at the same time. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more interactive, why not take them on a fossil-hunting trip? Lyme Regis in Cornwall is a treasure trove of paleontological discoveries.

Exploring a museum

Have a Weekend Trip Away

As parents, we have so many demands made of our time that it can be difficult to find space in our busy schedules to spend quality time with our children. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider taking your kid on a weekend away. It doesn’t really matter where you go, or how much money you spend. What is important is that you make your child the focus of your time and attention for a whole weekend. Play games, watch DVDs together, or spend a day making sandcastles on the beach. You’ll find that you benefit just as much as your child does by simply switching off and relaxing for a couple of days.

Whatever you choose to do, as long as you do it together as a family, your kid probably won’t even remember the details. What they will remember when they grow up is the fun, the laughter, and the good times that you shared together. And what could make a birthday any more special than that?

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