4 Top Tips To Make Every Mum’s Life Easier


Between work, kids and the house, there are always 1001 things demanding your time and attention. From car pools to after school games, holiday planning and keeping the house clean and tidy, a Mum’s work is never done. Here’re our four top tips for taking the pressure off and making life just that little bit easier.

A child cleaning off the table.

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Just because you know how busy you are, how much there is still to do and what is going to go undone for another day does not mean the people in your life have any clue. Your partner might not be looking at the house and thinking it needs vacuuming or know that you’ve been roped into baking cakes for the PTA tomorrow. Don’t get stressed, ask for help. Even if it’s only asking your family to take the kids for an hour to give you time to get things done. The worst anyone can say is no, in which case you are in the same situation you were before, and often they help you to work out what’s important. Do those cakes even need to be homemade or can you pick something up from the shops in the morning?

Get some cleaning help!

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2. Outsource

Another mistake we all make is assuming that we have to do everything ourselves. Managing the house and the kids is a full-time job, having to get actual work done on top of that can seem like an impossibility. Something has got to give. Many families hire cleaners and nannies to help take the pressure off. The advantage with employing people is that you don’t feel like you are imposing or asking too much. It’s their job and you can count on them to handle a huge chunk of your to-do list happily and efficiently. If you need help with the kids, the house and the cooking, consider hiring a housekeeper. They offer a professional, integrated service and give you time to enjoy your family without worrying about feeding them and washing clothes.

3. Prioritise

When you have a list as long as your arm, it’s so tempting to tick off all the little jobs first so that you feel as though you’re actually making headway. Of course, this makes the last half of the list a real slog. Take a moment at the beginning of your day to work out what really needs to be done and tackle them first. This way, if things crop up and you don’t get around to finishing everything, you won’t worry so much about it. Those jobs can wait until tomorrow.

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4. Organise

This one goes hand-in-hand with number three. When you are juggling a ridiculous amount of tasks, deadlines and chores, taking time to organise yourself if key. Some people like to keep a diary in their bags and plan their life day by day. This is a fantastic option since it keeps you in the moment and stops you thinking about tomorrow’s hurdles. Planning for any deadlines ahead of time and writing notes to remind yourself of them a few days before they’re due, means you aren’t worry about forgetting deadlines. Or remembering them last minute and then rushing to get them done.

Let’s be honest ladies, a Mum’s life is tough enough. We need to take every opportunity we can to make them just that little bit easier.

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