5 Creative Ideas for a Winter Sleepover

5 Creative Ideas for a Winter Sleepover

5 Creative Ideas for a Winter SleepoverWintertime usually limits a lot of activities that kids enjoy. Most parents like to save special occasions for the summer if they can so their kids have more options. Though winter is not always ideal for a get together, kids need to be able to enjoy their friends and family without having to go outside or wait for the weather to warm up. A winter sleepover is one idea that every parent can take advantage of.

Winter sleepovers might not sound like as much fun for the parents and the kids, but there are a lot of ways for parents to make the event fun and entertaining for everyone without having to step foot outside. Every mom can use these ideas throughout the year to make their children’s sleepovers an event that every child will remember. Here are five creative ideas that are perfect for a winter sleepover.

Cooking/baking party

A great way to arm up from the cold winter is to stay inside and bake. A cooking and baking party can be a really fun and safe slumber party idea for kids. Parents can give kids easy recipes to try and help then operate the stove and oven in order to avoid accidents. This is not only a great way to teach children a valuable skill, it can also be a fun way for everyone to stay warm this winter.

Movie night party

Movies are still a favorite winter activity to most kids. Everyone loves to wrap up under a warm blanket and watch something new and exciting. Parents can pick out some movie choices from http://directtelevision.us/directv/New-Mexico/ that are appropriate for the kids and provide them with all the best movie theatre additions, like popcorn, candy, soda and the most comfortable seating.

Make a t-shirt party

Crafting is something that almost every child can enjoy, but often, paper crafts get damaged or ruined before kids can even bring them home to show their parents. Moms can create a sleepover craft night that involves a craft kids will be able to keep for a lifetime. Moms can help their children and friends make one-of-a-kind t-shirts that the kids can wear and use forever.

Indoor campout party

Camping outside might not be a reasonable option for kids in the winter, but there is still a way for everyone to enjoy the fun of camping without stepping outside. Parents can set up a ‘campsite’ for their children in the house using blankets, sleeping bags, and even a small tent. Kids can make s’mores in the oven and tell campfire stories for a fun night indoors.

Theatre party

Kids may love to watch movies and TV shows, but parents cannot stick their kids in front of the TV all the time. Instead, kids can create their own movie or play for an exciting slumber party idea. Parents can help their kids set up a stage and create scenes and skits that they can all act out together.

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