The Grandads Guide To Creating Wonderful Bedrooms For Weekend Stopovers

So, you are a grandparent. Well done, you have joined an exclusive club and the best days of your life are about to begin. After spending twenty or more years worrying about your own children as they grew through heartache and drama, your time has come. Now the next batch has entered the world, you can enjoy them to the full. The first rule about being a grandparent? Let someone their mom and dad do the worrying. Your job is to be a cool and interesting friend that the kids love spending time with.

Kids room

There are many grandparents that only see their grandchildren once a fortnight when they visit with their parents for tea. This is nowhere near enough time to form a meaningful relationship with them. The grandparents age quicker too, if there isn’t a young mind around to keep them on their toes. Every granny and grandad should invite the little ones over to stay at weekends and during school holidays. Because all of the worries belongs to the parent, you can have fun instead. So what if the kids don’t brush their teeth one morning, or if they have two packets of sweets in one day, it isn’t the end of the world is it?

Once that child is born, you should begin laying plans to turn your spare room into a cool place where kids want to be. This is easily done if you know the basics. If you don’t, read on; you son will.

The Floor Covering

Does your house have any form of heating? If the house is cold, it will influence the choice of floor covering that you put down in the room. Laminate flooring is an ideal product for a childrens bedroom because it is durable and gives a firm, smooth surface, to roll cars or balls on. Marbles isn’t played much now, but laminate flooring is a perfect surface for a game.

Brightly coloured rugs can be used to add a little warmth to the room, but if there is no form of heating in the room, carpet is the most sensible choice.

Furniture Selection

It is well that you have plenty of time to complete the room, because deciding on the right furniture is difficult. Luckily the room will not need big wardrobes as it is likely that the kids will go home in the clothes they came in at weekends. Some storage is useful, however, for longer stays during the summer holidays.

For young children, colour is important. By using primary colours for cupboard doors and drawer fronts, you can’t go wrong.  Look around at nurseries and schools; they all use primary colours where they can.

The bed, or beds, is probably your biggest decision. If you have more than one grandchild, your choice is guided to a certain extent. Bunk beds are usually the best solution unless the room is really large. There are some incredible creations available to you. Mathy by Bols Childrens Beds are among some of the most imaginative products on the market today, and they are sure to be loved by any lucky child.


A child’s bedroom is best painted in light colours such as yellow or blue. This plain scheme is best for displaying artwork that the children have drawn for you (and there will be lots and lots of it). If the walls are decorated with a patterned wallpaper, the artwork won’t show so well, and it will all look too busy. Maintenance has to be a consideration too. Painting the walls with a silk emulsion enables them to be wiped clean and repainted when necessary.

Keeping one wall as a feature is a good idea. There are stunning wallpaper murals on the market, and they are excellent value for money. Imagine a whole wall depicting the galaxies of outer space or an underwater seascape, swimming with whales. These products have come a long way from the wallpaper of old.

Window Dressings

Old plaid curtains have no place in a child’s bedroom. Think about using modern blinds instead. There are many styles from which to choose. Here are a few:

  • Roman Blinds

  • Roller Blinds

  • Venetian Blinds

  • Vertical Blinds

  • Pleated Blinds

The all come in every colour of the rainbow so sourcing reds, yellows, or blues will present no problem at all.


Toys last longer in a grandparents house. This is because we have time to collect all of the little pieces and put them away properly when the little ones go back home. Parents find this hard work because it is a never ending task, and they are usually too exhausted.

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Extra Luxuries

As mentioned earlier, stop worrying so much about the small stuff, leave that for the parents. No matter what the advice, install a large television in the room. This will be used in the young years to watch television programs, but the kids grow quickly and before you know it there will be the latest gaming machine plugged into it. Anyone who thinks kids shouldn’t have televisions in their bedroom needs to take a chill pill. Of course, a dvd player will be needed too, so that the library of movies you are collecting will be watched.

Most children, these days, are introduced to technology at a very young age. This is for the best as it is now an accepted and integral part of their daily lives. The child that is deprived of the use of technology in all domestic forms is at a disadvantage in life. That is why there is nothing wrong in putting a computer in the room. Depending on the child’s age it may only be possible to use it when supervised, for obvious safety reasons, but as the children grow, we have to rely on the content filters. They are not perfect but do an adequate job. It is not possible to protect children from adult contact completely.

When it is time to send them home, the house feels a little empty for a while. That is not so bad though, you need time to get your strength back for next weekend. You always have plenty to look forward to when you have grandchildren.

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