Celebrating Advent with Kids: Fun, Meaningful ways to Celebrate As A Family

Celebrating Advent with Kids

Heya Super Parents! May your coffee be strong and your little ones be calm as we dive into Advent season, am I right? At “Life Happens With Kids”, we know just how to transform any potential holiday chaos into giggles and warmth. Let’s add a pinch of fun, a dash of meaning, and a dollop of family togetherness into this Advent’s recipe for memory-making.

Ready to light up a meaningful family Advent season with the family, all while keeping your sanity intact? Buckle up, because we are about to explore some fabulously fun and heartwarming ways to celebrate Advent with your kiddos. This journey is about to get beautifully festive!

Embracing the Advent Tree: Celebrating Advent with Kids

Celebrations await all you fabulous mommies and daddies out there! Let’s make this advent season extra special and celebrate advent with our kids. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of kids Christmas becoming even more enchanting for the whole family with an advent tree where you can all learn a little bit each day about the season of advent?

Imagine those sparkly little eyes lighting up each day as your kiddos unwrap the secrets of the advent tree. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna be embracing the advent tree this year like it’s the best invention since sliced bread…or maybe since the toy clean-up robot (A parent can dream, right?).

Let’s start by setting the stage for celebrating advent. Picture this: you and your family, all cozy by the Christmas tree, well, two trees technically, ’cause we’re adding our advent tree to the mix this season. Remember that celebrating advent is all about slowing down and relishing in those heartwarming family moments.

Each day gives you the perfect excuse to gather your troops and enjoy some quality time together, we might as well make it fun, right? Now, onto your special advent tree. Forget your everyday-pine-tree, we are elevating our tree game folks! The goal is to create a day by day festive journey for your family which gradually builds up the wonder of the Christmas season.

Gather Round the Tree Chocolate Advent Calendar

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A tree that’s jam-packed with little reminders about why we celebrate advent in the first place. But wait, where’s the advent wreath in all of this hulla balloo? Glad you asked! An advent wreath symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent in the Christmas season. The candle in the advent wreath isn’t just any ordinary candle (boring!). Nope, it has a double duty – every Sunday, you light it up representing all things love, joy, hope, and peace. So, are ya ready to celebrate advent on turbo mode this year? Tell you what kiddos, mom and dad are pulling out all the stops for this family advent. And, let’s face it, any day involving candles, trees, and Christmas screams happiness! So grab your Christmas spirit, set up that advent tree and let’s make this advent season one for the storybooks!

Your Day-By-Day Family Advent Guide:

Date Activity Materials Needed
1st December Make Paper Snowflakes White Paper, Scissors
2nd December Decorate a mini Christmas tree Mini Christmas Tree, Decorations
3rd December Make Christmas cookies Cookie Batter, Cookie Cutters, Oven
4th December Write a letter to Santa Paper, Pen
5th December Make a Christmas card Cardstock, Markers, Glitter
6th December Sing Christmas carols Carol Lyrics
7th December Make homemade ornaments Glitter, glue, ribbon
8th December Read a Christmas story Christmas book
9th December Wrap presents Wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape
10th December Make hot cocoa and marshmallows Hot cocoa mix, milk, marshmallows
11th December Build a paper chain countdown Colored paper, scissors, and tape
12th December Make Christmas popcorn Popcorn, white chocolate, sprinkles
13th December Create a Christmas craft Various craft materials
14th December Donate a toy to charity Unwanted toy
15th December Decorate a gingerbread house Gingerbread house kit
16th December Make reindeer food Oats, glitter
17th December Make a homemade gift Varies
18th December Visit a Christmas market None
19th December Watch a Christmas movie Christmas movie
20th December Paint a Christmas picture Paint, brushes, canvas
21st December Make a Christmas wreath Wreath ring, greenery, ribbon
22nd December Go Christmas caroling Carol lyrics
23rd December Make and hang stockings Fabric, thread, needle
24th December Leave cookies and milk for Santa Cookies, milk

Discover the Joy of Advent With Family: Explaining Jesus, The Church, And Christmas To Kids

Well, you know how Life Happens With Kids, right? One minute you’re chilling, footloose and fancy-free and the next –POW!– you’ve got your hands full of kids and an abundance of love that you didn’t even know you had. One of the wonderful things about having kids is how they make everything so much more exciting. Yes, even those Advent things which, let’s be real, might have become a bit dull over the years.

Let’s be clear, Advent is cool. We just need to reinterpret it a bit. It’s like spicy mustard – not everybody’s a fan initially because it is a bit strong, but if mixed correctly it can level up your sandwich – or any food for that matter. When taken literally, Advent is a term from the Church representing the period leading up to Christmas day. An Advent calendar is a physical representation of this countdown. Great concept in theory, but how do we sell it to the kids, huh?

Fear not, fellow parents, I’ve got you covered. Let’s start with Jesus. It’s like trying to explain the appeal of eating vegetables to your children– challenging, but not impossible. Now, I’m not suggesting we serve Jesus with a side of ranch here, but we gotta find a way to broach the subject that’s relatable to kids. My advice? Sneak it in like you would broccoli in their mac n’ cheese. Connect it to something they understand and love. Same drill with the Church. Instead of the traditional approach, let’s make Church cool again! Maybe tell your kids it’s like their favorite superhero’s HQ or that God is like the superhero of superheroes. See where I’m going with this?

Lastly, Christmas. Who am I kidding? There’s no need to make Christmas appealing, it’s already sensational fun for children! But this is an excellent opportunity to reinforce everything that truly matters to your family. The nativity, the giving, the togetherness – all centered around God’s love. Christmas day acts as a beautiful conclusion to the Advent journey.

So go forth, wonderful families, celebrate Advent, and make sure it’s as fun as a barrel full of monkeys dipped in holiday glitter. After all, Life Happens With Kids and there’s a whole lot of ministry, twinkling lights, and love to share this December.

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Fostering Church Traditions: The Spirit of Advent in Family Celebrations

Next, it’s time to make your Advent season as bright as ever while reinforcing the tradition of the Church! Now, if you’re like me, you’ll agree that parenting and Life Happens With Kids can be a roller coaster on any given day. But, when that day rolls into the Christmas Season… boy, oh boy! It’s a whole ‘nother level of crazy for us parents, am I right? It’s understandable if you don’t feel holly jolly yet. But cheer up because we’ve got a mission for you: To make Advent traditions a focus of our celebration this year in a way that’s kid-friendly. You might ask, “How?” Well, that’s what I’m here to tell ya!

Firstly, it’s the perfect time to hit the books. Find an age-appropriate devotional book about Advent and Christmas. Spend one week reading it together as a family. Prepare your hearts for the coming of baby Jesus, the reason we set the wreath on the table, fill our site with light, and the why we feast on Christmas day. Your kids will save these memories for years to come.

Another way to add to our Advent traditions is to set up an advent wreath. Nothing gets the kids more excited than lighting a candle while counting down to the big day. It’s so simple yet so magical to watch their little faces light up with wonder! It gives the little tykes a tangible way to see the light of Jesus coming closer each week.

This focus on celebrating Advent teaches our kiddos the true meaning behind all the tinsel and the presents: the birth of baby Jesus. Reading the story of Mary and Joseph, the journey to Bethlehem, and the shining star can make it even more meaningful for your tiny tots. And don’t get me started on making your own Advent calendar! It’s not only a fantastic activity for the whole family to be involved in, but it’s a great way to visually countdown to Christmas and keep the focus on the real reason we are celebrating.

So, get your giggles ready and your hot cocoa on standby. Let’s make Advent fun and meaningful for our families. After all, who needs a sleigh ride when you have your family, the spirit of Christmas, and all the joy that Life Happens With Kids brings us every day in a year? Here’s to the light, love, and laughter that is coming with this special season.

So there you have it! Advent isn’t just about chocolate calendars and ticking off days. It’s about creating fun, meaningful chapters in your family’s story that will be reread, year after year. So grab your glitter glue, your construction paper, and your sense of humor (don’t forget that one—it’s as essential as tinsel!). Let’s make this Advent the most memorable yet. Because nothing says Christmas like a living room filled with laughter, love, and a teeny bit of chaos!

FAQs From Families Celebrating Advent

Question: What is “Life Happens With Kids”?

Answer: “Life Happens With Kids” is like your trusty sidekick in the adventure of parenthood. We are here to help you transform any potential holiday chaos into loads of giggles, warmth and memorable experiences with your kiddos.

Question: How can we make advent season special and fun for our kids?

Answer: Trust me when I tell you this, Advent season is about to gain some serious brownie points with your little bunnies! How about embracing an Advent tree, folks? Now that’s a game-changer. Imagine those twinkling eyes of excitement as your kiddos discover the day-by-day “secrets” of the Advent tree.

Question: What’s so special about an advent tree?

Answer: An Advent tree isn’t just any run-off-the-mill tree, it’s a whole festive journey wrapped up in pine! The tree’ll be swarming with fun little surprises and reminders about the real magic of Advent. Picture this, each day is like unwrapping a mini-Christmas-day leading up to the actual day.

Question: Wait, what about the advent wreath?

Answer: Ahh, you didn’t think we had forgotten about that, did ya? An Advent wreath is a beautiful symbol of the passage of Advent weeks. Each Sunday of the Advent, you light up a candle on the wreath – much like setting the stage for a love-filled, joyful, hopeful, and peaceful commencement of the Christmas season.

Question: Any other fabulously fun ways to celebrate Advent with kids?

Answer: Absolutely! Why not try an age-appropriate devotional book about Advent and Christmas? It’s a delightful way to spend mornings or evenings leading up to Christmas. Alternatively, get crafty and make your own Advent Calendar with your littles. It could be a fun project and a wonderful way to visually countdown to Christmas day. After all, we gotta make it super fun when Life Happens With Kids, ain’t nobody got time for dull moments here!

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