The Art of Buying a Rug: how to source and buy the best quality rug you can… at the price you want

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Rugs are great; they add interest, warmth and texture to a room, as well as section off larger rooms into smaller portions, creating natural eating space and relaxation zones.

Rugs can be used all over the house, from runners in the hallway to fluffy ones to warm your feet as you leave your bed in the morning. Even the kids don’t get left out; they can choose from bright character rugs to shaped rugs as well as those that help them play.

Rugs are seen as the ‘art of the floor’ and if you are looking for a new one, then you need to know how to make the right choice. Refining your search will help you look in the right places BUT, cheap rugs are not easy to find…


Shopping for a rug


Set your budget

Without a doubt, it is crucial to set your budget before embarking on your search for the perfect rug. You may come across temptingly affordable, small rugs made from synthetic fibers, but it is essential to consider the quality for high-traffic areas, such as a bustling hallway. The durability and resilience of a rug are of utmost importance in such spaces. Therefore, when estimating your budget, being realistic about what you can obtain in terms of both style and durability is paramount.

If you’re unsure about how high or low to set your budget for a rug, consider this: some designers suggest that investing in a high-quality rug might come with a price tag similar to that of a sofa. So, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect rug, keep this perspective in mind! It can help you make a more informed decision about what you’re willing to spend.


When considering the price and durability of a rug, the construction method plays a significant role. Rugs crafted using labor-intensive techniques, such as intricate hand-weaving, tend to command a higher price point. On the other hand, tufted rugs, which can be either handmade or machine-made, might be a more appealing choice for those seeking an affordable option. With these factors in mind, it’s important to carefully assess both price and construction when selecting the perfect rug to suit your needs and preferences.



Another common factor in how much your get for your money when it comes to rugs is the material from which it is made. This is one area where you may need to compromise.

On one hand, the purchase of natural fibre rugs is once again gathering pace simply because we are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet, as well as supporting home industries such as the British Wool trade. But on the other hand, technologies and manufacturing techniques have made a wider range of synthetic materials open to consumers, meaning cheap rugs are an option.

The benefits of wool as a sustainable product are being celebrated once again in the UK, with more people opting for this great natural product


Not only is it the construction of the rug that adds to the cost, but also the size. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and generally, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the rug, the higher the price. However, this can depend on what it is made from and how the rug has been made. In the end, you may find that you will need to refine your search, opting for a smaller rug if the price is an issue.


But, all is not lost as many people think that looking for a cheap rug means opting for plain, safe and boring! What does come to your rescue is the fact that many rugs are now shaped, which adds interest to a room, as well as being a great piece of art for your floor. There are many different shapes, so why not take another look at how a shapes rug could really add pizzazz to your room.


When it comes to finding a cheap rug, you don’t have to compromise on style. There is an extensive array of options available, ranging from vibrant colors to intricate patterns, elegant florals to eye-catching two-tone rugs, and solid block colors that can perfectly complement any decor. The best part is, even if you’re shopping on a tight budget, the wide range of choices remains the same. So, regardless of how much you have to spend, you can still find the perfect rug to elevate your space without breaking the bank!


Neither does the fact that rugs can be cleaned, dry-cleaned or shampooed! All rugs, even in low-traffic areas within the home, take a battering throughout their lives and unlike hiring heavy wet vacuums for cleaning fitted carpets, rugs can be rolled up and either taken to a specialist cleaner or given a shampoo or cleaned in the garden.

Many people worry that shopping on a budget will mean that the get the cheap rug they need for their pad will effectively mean compromising on everything, but here at we know that this is not the case.

Clean rugs can be simple when you know how but always take time to do your research first

If you have a small budget, we can help. We have hundreds of great rugs in stock, in all shapes and sizes suitable for every part of your home – and every budget!

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