Celebratory Jewelry for Those Important Times in Your Life



There are a number of life-enhancing (and life-changing ) events that happen when you have children. From their being born, to their baptism, taking their first steps to start at school, they are all incredible milestones for the family to remember.

One very special way to celebrate these times is to buy a small piece of jewelry that has relevance to the occasion.

Birth of a child

Other than getting married, the birth of a child is perhaps one of the most important life events. It’s a time for joy and happiness and the baby will be showered with gifts. A beautiful way to mark it would be to buy a charm bracelet complete with the first charm with one then given for each birthday. It will build over the years into a stunning piece that can be worn by the child as they grow up and then pass on the tale of each charm to their own children.

For Mom, a Houston jewelry diamond ring to wear alongside an engagement and wedding ring set would be a perfect and stunning way to mark the event.

Mom and newborn baby


Baptism jewelry is a thoughtful way to mark the first important event in the lives of many young babies. Popular choices are silver or platinum bracelets which are often then engraved inside with the date. A personalized necklace is another choice with either the initial letter of their name as the pendant, their full name or perhaps their birthstone.

First birthday

For those who have purchased a charm bracelet, this is the time to choose the next item to add to it. A grow-with-me bracelet for a child celebrating their first birthday means they have a piece of jewelry they can wear immediately and then for the rest of their lives. They are designed in small sections which are complete with gemstones and are then re-sized as the years go by. For young girls they are especially popular to be worn from their time as a baby until they become a bride.

First hair cut

Baby hair is very precious and so the first hair cut is one to be marked as a real developmental stage in their young life. Many parents like to retain a small piece as a keepsake but unless it’s stored with care it can become damaged or lost over the coming years. The way to keep it safe is to buy a locket and to enclose it within. It can then be worn as a necklace alongside a photo of the baby at the time they had their hair cut as a wonderful and permanent memory.

First day at school

Heading to school for the first time brings tears of joy and pride that a child is now old enough to begin their first steps into the wide world. It’s a memorable day for all to see a once tiny baby now wearing their uniform and heading through the gates to make new friends. Celebrate by buying a customized piece of diamond jewelry in the shape of perhaps a butterfly, a star or a wise owl.

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