Your Child Must Take Up A Musical Instrument: Here’s Why

We have many responsibilities from the day our children arrive. The world is a competitive place. Those who get a good start in life are likely to thrive more than those who suffered disadvantages at a young age.

Sometimes the weight of responsibility is overpowering. The kids are not allowed to enjoy their childhood for long. The insistence of the government to force them to do homework at a very young age is unfair in my opinion, and it also places an even heavier burden of responsibility on the parents. Some people are beginning to wonder why they bother sending their children to school when so much of the work they do takes place at home.

We are here to talk about musical instruments and why I feel every child should learn to play one as best they can. I hope you will agree with my arguments after reading this, and encourage your child to take up music at a young age.

Primitive Instincts

There is an appreciation of rhythm built into us all; that is why we enjoy music. Let your child release their inner caveman. The beat has a psychological effect on the kids and offers them a form of mental satisfaction.


A child can only stand so much mathematics and writing in one day. The subjects become dull and tedious. Most children enjoy music in any form. They love a good singalong, listening to bands, or playing an instrument themselves. It is a welcome break for them from the drudgery of other lessons.

Artistic Flair

Art is a part of the human condition and music is a creative way to express yourself to others. A child can gain much satisfaction from this release.


If a child enjoys what they are doing they are more likely to learn than if they dislike the subject. When they play their woodwind instruments in an orchestra, they must concentrate on the music and hit the notes at the right time. That gives them a good mental workout which will be helpful in other subjects.

Team Work

The kids learn to be part of a team when they play together in a school band or orchestra. They trust that the other members know what they are doing. An exercise in teamwork is an exercise in life.

Occupy Their Time

A child with a musical instrument always has something to do. You might never hear the words ”I’m bored” ever again.


If your child can learn to apply themselves and stick to the subject until they succeed, it will serve them well later in life.


When they master the instrument, they will acquire a sense of satisfaction and the knowledge that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough.

I hope you agree that if a child learns to play an instrument they must benefit from it. You may suffer for a few years as the horrific noises make your ears ache, but that is all part of the process. Do the right thing and buy them an instrument today.

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