How to Prepare the Family for a Christening Day Out


If you’ve got a christening coming up that you and your family are invited to attend, you may have a variety of things running through your head. How will you get your son to behave and resist his mischievous urges during the ceremony? How will you get your daughter to gracefully navigate the day with her lovely dress unblemished by any spills or stains? And how will you encourage your husband to stay engaged and present throughout the event instead of succumbing to his occasional restlessness?

Doubts and concerns like these are natural. However, worry not! This article will guide you with practical tips and tricks to ensure a seamless and mishap-free day out with your family at the christening. By implementing these strategies tailored to your children’s personalities and your husband’s preferences, you’ll be well-prepared to embrace the occasion and create cherished memories together.

Christening holy water

Start With a Light Breakfast

Every good day starts off with a nice breakfast! You shouldn’t have something too heavy, like a hearty omelette or a stack of pancakes, as you want to save room for the delicious spread at the anticipated after-party. I’m assuming there will be a buffet of mouthwatering dishes, from savory pastries to fresh salads and delectable desserts.

It’s also important to ensure that the kids have a proper meal beforehand, so they won’t be whispering in your ear during the service about how hungry they are. Even if it’s just a piece of juicy fruit or a wholesome yogurt, make sure they have something nourishing to keep their hunger at bay. Starting the day with a satisfying breakfast sets the tone for a delightful and energizing experience ahead!

Explain to the Children What They Should Expect and How They Should Behave

For children, christenings can often feel awfully boring and never-ending. One way to ease their restlessness is by explaining to them what to expect throughout the ceremony. Let them know that although it may feel like an eternity sitting there, there will be an exciting afterparty waiting for them afterward, filled with fun and enjoyment. Emphasize the importance of being as quiet as possible during the ceremony, but assure them that if they need you for something truly important, they can whisper for your attention. To keep them occupied and prevent fidgeting, it might be helpful to bring along a coloring book or any other engaging activity that can serve as a pleasant distraction. Remember, the key is to ensure that they understand there’s a reward waiting for them once the ceremony concludes, making the experience more delightful and bearable.

Make Sure Everybody Looks Presentable

Make sure the whole family has a nice outfit to wear for the christening. It may look especially nice in photos if you choose outfits that coordinate with each other! Make sure there are no collars sticking up, shirts untucked, or marks on the material. Grubby faces should be washed, hair brushed, and smiles plastered on.

Pack a Big Bag With the Essentials

Depending on how old your kids are, you’ll need to pack a bag filled with essentials. If you have especially young children, you may need to bring nappies, juice, milk, and baby wipes. If your kids are a little older, you might need to bring some items to distract them if they get bored and restless. You could put many things in your bag of essentials, but I thoroughly recommend a change of clothes for the very young ones, plasters, and baby wipes. In this big bag, you can even include a card and some baptism gifts for the child to be christened.

Take a Camera

You’ll want lots of lovely pictures of the family spending quality time together in their best Sunday attire, so make sure you take a charged camera or at least a camera phone. Don’t just have to pose pictures though – take some natural, action shots too. They’re usually the best kind of photos!

Prepare things like outfits in advance, and make sure everybody knows the Christening is coming up a few days before. If you follow this advice, you’ll all have a great day together!

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