Five Great Alternatives To The Inflatable Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle is one of the most popular attractions at the school fete and the village fair. A group of children can leap around, even bumping into one another, without the worry of serious injury while having a great time.

Bouncy castles don’t have to be reserved for use at school open days or other organised events either. You can hire one for a private party and have it installed in your garden for the day. What’s more, you can even hire adult bouncy castles and if a castle isn’t the right choice for your party there is a massive selection of other inflatables that can prove equally beneficial.


Bouncy castle


Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides are just as safe as bouncy castles and you can even choose a castle and slide combo, offering even more for the kids to do and ensuring that there will be fewer arguments over who is next up for bouncing.

Like the castles, there is a range of inflatable slides to choose from. As well as the classic colorful blue and yellow design, you can opt for any of a selection of favourite children’s characters.

Penalty Shootout

An inflatable penalty shootout provides a giant frame with a goal at the back and it also includes footballs and an optional inflatable goalie.

Whether you’re planning an open day for a local children’s football team or you want something for the kids that are attending a birthday party, it is a great choice. You could leave the children to use the game however they want or consider setting up a mini-tournament, or play children versus Mums.

Target Golf

Target golf is an enjoyable take on a serious game and it could make an excellent addition to a themed event at any location or for any special occasion. With inflatable target golf you can enjoy aiming the balls at targets at the back of the frame and all for little more than the cost of green fees.

Target golf and penalty shootout games are a great option for adults as well as children.

Bungee Run

The bungee run is effectively a piece of bungee rope attached at one end of an inflatable aisle. The challenge is for the person attached to the end of the rope to run to the other end before the elasticated bungee pulls them back.

An optional basketball net and balls can be provided and these can add a new element as well as an opportunity to introduce a little healthy competition. The bungee run is also suitable for adults as well as children.


Battlezone is an inflatable building with a physical edge that comes in the shape of several gladiatorial challenges.

A wrecking ball can be swung from the centre, offering the challenge of getting out of the way while pushing others into the path of the ball. Headgear and pugil sticks are also provided so that players can re-enact the pugil stick fights that were popularised on the Gladiators TV show. This is a high energy game ideal for people of all ages and physical levels.

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