Planning A Child’s Birthday Party On A Budget


Children get very giddy around their birthdays. Many of them have a number of extravagant ideas of how they want to celebrate. As their parent, you want to make their birthday as special and memorable as you possibly can. But when you are working on a tight budget this can make this very difficult to achieve. As well as this, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on parents these days to throw a unique and elaborate kids party.

Fortunately, there are ways to give your child a wonderful celebration, without breaking the bank. Read on for your guide to planning a child’s birthday on a budget.


If you have friends or relatives that have a child with a birthday around the same time as your child, hold a joint affair and split all the costs. Not only can this reduce your spending, it also means you’ll have someone to share the responsibilities with.



Don’t spend money on hard copy invites, move with the times and use digital invitations. There are many sites that allow you to create and email invites for free. But if you don’t have the time for this, a group text or email to parents is perfectly acceptable.


Having the party at home can help you reduce your spending significantly. However, if you’d rather not host at home, a free alternative is the park. Obviously this is weather dependant, but in the summer, a picnic in the park with outdoor games could be the perfect affair.

For a winter party, a local soft play center may be an affordable option. This is especially likely if the party is not taking place during peak time (weekends, school holidays etc.). They may also permit you to bring along your own food, saving you more money.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress just sounds like another expense you could do without, but there are ways to deliver this kind of party without spending too much cash. Buying a children’s fancy dress online will save you money as you can shop around for the best price. Alternatively, look for items in thrift shops or buy materials and make your own costumes.


Catering for kids birthday parties needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Don’t feel pressured to provide lots or to provide an elaborate menu as it’s unlikely to get eaten. A sandwich each, a small selection of party nibbles and some cake will be sufficient. Or, spread the cost by organizing an international potluck affair where everyone brings along a dish from a different country. Bake your own birthday cake to save you money and to add a personal touch.


Decorations are not likely to be expensive, unless you go overboard! Balloons are a good addition to a kids party and paper cups and plates are practical items. Look for decoration packs from online stores like Amazon. These tend to be cheap and anything that is not used this time, can be used for the next party.

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