How To Create The Most Amazing Family Garden

Summer is finally here, and with the warm weather on the way, now is the time to start thinking about your garden. Kids love spending time outside, so having somewhere suitable to spend time outside as a family is important.

Many parents worry that their kids don’t spend enough time outside, but that tends to be because the garden isn’t suitable. Kids like having areas to play and have fun in, and if your garden doesn’t offer that, then they won’t want to spend time outside.

While it’s important that your garden is somewhere your children can run around in, it should also be somewhere you love. While you want to create the perfect outdoor space for your kids, your garden shouldn’t be one big play area.

To help you create the most amazing family garden, we have put together some tips, below:

Create different zones

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, the best thing you can do is create different zones. Instead of having a large trampoline taking up more of your grass, think outside the box.

Think about the different ways you can separate your garden into zones. Perhaps you could have a patio or area with a table, a grassy area with plants, and an area with a den, treehouse or kids’ climbing equipment.

Invest in good-quality play equipment

Play equipment is important for creating a child-friendly space, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill your garden with plastic. Instead of opting for cheap-looking equipment, go for something more organic looking.

Wooden play equipment looks good, is long-lasting and will give your garden a better feel to it. Instead of making your garden resemble a daycare center, opting for wooden equipment will give it a better look.

Add a pool

If you have a large enough garden, think about adding a pool. If you and your children love swimming, then adding a pool to your garden is a great idea. Just make sure to invest in a pool that has a safety fence, this is especially important if you have young kids.

If you are a little stuck for ideas of how to fit a pool into your garden, why not get in touch with a landscape architect? For the best landscape architects have a look online and do some research.

Be original

Instead of just adding a slide and swing set, think outside the box and come up with different play equipment ideas. Treehouses, dens, rope swings, tepee tents – there are so many options for garden play equipment to choose from.

If your little one particularly wants a piece of play equipment, like a trampoline, think about how you can make it work in your garden. For example, instead of having a trampoline taking up your whole lawn, why not have a sunken trampoline with a decking lid? By day play equipment, and by night an area to have drinks.

Creating a child-friendly garden doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own outdoor space. You can create a beautiful garden that both you and your kids will love, by following these useful tips.

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