How Important is Marriage When Raising Young Kids?


If you and your partner are raising young kids or are in talks about starting a family, you may also be thinking about marriage. Marriage isn’t for everybody. It certainly doesn’t appeal to as many people these days as it did 50 years ago. However, some people believe that marriage is important when raising young kids. How important? Read on to find out…


How vital marriage is to you when you have kids depends on a number of factors. Are you religious? For religious couples, marriage should be a vow taken before children in most cases. In fact, many get married before consummating their relationship at all. If you’re extremely religious, I only believe marriage is important. If there is something you believe in and a way you like to live your life, then you should do what makes you happy.

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You don’t have to be religious to get married. Many people like to get married to be a ‘family’, share the same last name with their partner and kids, and show everybody how they feel. Engagement rings are often worn, and meaningful vows are made. It’s all down to your own personal choice.

Healthy Relationships

Many experts will tell you that all children really need are parents that have a great relationship. Here are some facts about children who have married parents:

However, this doesn’t mean that children from married parents will definitely come into the categories above. It doesn’t even mean that children who don’t come from married families apply either. Providing you have a great relationship, your child will be well brought up and learn about healthy relationships from a young age. You don’t need a certificate or a ceremony for that!

No certificate or ceremony can indicate whether you are a good parent or make your child a model child. It’s all down to how you act in front of your kids. Kids learn from an extremely young age, so if you’re always arguing in front of them, married or not, they will pick up on this. Please take this parenting advice. It’s much better to keep your kids safe from these arguments, and always put on a united front for them, whether you’re together or apart.


Marriage isn’t all that important when raising young kids unless it’s important to you. Providing you raise your kids without contradicting one another and arguing in front of them, you’ll set great examples. A married couple who argues all the time isn’t going to set a good example for their children, so marriage really doesn’t make that much difference. Whether you want to get married and how you raise your children are two entirely different things! Never feel guilty for not marrying as long as you know you raise your children the best you can. If you want to get married, get married. It’s as simple as that!

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