Incredible Things Parents And Children Can Do Together To Have Fun

Time passes very quickly and most parents looking back on their child’s younger days will wish that they took more time out to play with them when they had the chance. This, I believe, is why some people make better grandparents than parents. With age comes wisdom and knowledge.

Parents that fully appreciate the time they have with young children reap the rewards when they are older. They have great memories and more satisfaction in the knowledge that they never wasted a minute. To be a parent such as this, however, takes a lot of hard work. Looking after children is an exhausting business so they can be excused for not being able to play with the kids all the time.

Sometimes it is enough to put an hour aside every day where you play with your children. Take the telephone off the hook, turn the television off, and concentrate on the activity at hand.


Here are some suggestions for things that parents and children can do together to have fun.

  • Build a den. A few pieces of wood won’t cost very much for building a den in the garden. It can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. Cover the frame with blankets or sheets and your child will love it. In the house, they love to make a den by covering a table with a sheet and crawling under it. This is a great place to encourage reluctant readers, as they will sit quite happily under there for a long time. There are millions of books available online or in shops, so there is sure to be something that will interest both you and your child.

  • How many years has it been since you made mud pies? Armed with a bucket of water and some soil, the possibilities are endless. Good, harmless, dirty fun.

  • Children get a lot of satisfaction from baking cakes. They are easy to make and tasty too. Decorating the tops is a fun way to pass an hour once the cakes have cooled. Use sugar icing and sweets to create some amazing designs.

  • Make a model using old boxes and toilet roll tubes. This is a great way for both parent and child to use their imagination. Don’t take over the project, however, you are only there in the capacity of an assistant. There are many models to be created such as a robot, a rocket, and a little house. If you are patient, it is even possible to make a decent doll house out of cardboard and tape.

  • Make daisy chains. Once the little one learns the art of daisy chain making, they will spend many happy hours sitting in the garden and chatting with you about their view on life. Your job is to sit and listen, and you will learn a great deal.

So next time you are too tired or busy to play with your little ones, try to think of what you are missing. Before you know it, they will have grown up and flown the nest, leaving you with memories of when they were young. Be sure to make a lot of them.

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