Five fun indoors activities guaranteed to keep the kids entertained



We all know how much kids love being outside. When playing in the garden or heading to the park is not an option, some kids tend to get a little bit grumpy, feeling like they have just lost an entire day’s worth of fun and games. But luckily, a rainy day spent indoors doesn’t have to mean putting the fun on hold. If you need ideas on keeping  your kids entertained without leaving the house, check out these five indoors activities you can do with your kids, including an arts project and how to play marbles.

It’s story time

Do you remember listening to your parents and grandparents telling you stories before bed? For many, these stories were real childhood highlights, and your kids will probably feel the same. Story time doesn’t have to be reserved strictly for bedtime. On a rainy day, build a cosy fort with some pillows and a blanket and tell each other stories.

How to play marbles

Marbles games are greatly underestimated. They are fun, easy (once your kid gets the hang of them), and will keep the young ones entertained for hours. If you’re new to marbles, have a look at this guide explaining how to play marbles. Here are some of the basics: marbles games are all about knocking the other’s marbles out of the ring with your designated shooter marble. This could be an activity for an afternoon, but some kids like to drag these “marble wars” on for weeks, fighting for every single marble. If Marbles are not your thing, check out some of the latest board games.

Express yourself

Whether your kids are budding artists or not, there aren’t many children who don’t enjoy an arts and crafts opportunity. The more material you’ve got, the longer the fun will last – you can prepare old paper, water colours, pens, glue, glitter, scissors (childproof ones, of course) and some arts and crafts instructions if you’d prefer to approach the whole thing in a slightly more organised way. If not, it’s all about the freestyle – this might get messy, but your kids will have an awesome time.

Can you feel the magic?

Kids love magic tricks – and can you blame them? Magic tricks aren’t just fun to watch; they can keep you guessing for hours if well executed. If you’re not a part-time magician yet (and who is?), take a look at some simple instructions online. You don’t have to master a lot of tricks – one or two will do the job just fine. Challenge your children to figure out how you do it, and then teach them how to get it right too. They will love to impress their friends with their new skills.

Hide and seek (in the cupboard)

Of course, staying indoors means there won’t be much running around or exploring – unless you live in a castle, of course. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an adventure inside! Hide-and-seek will never lose its excitement, whether you’re playing in your house or outside, and your kids will love it. Make sure to agree on a time after which they are allowed to emerge victorious from their hiding spot though – beware, some kids take this game very seriously!

Haven’t found anything yet? Don’t despair. There’s an abundance of online resources available for parents such as, and many of them cover activities you can do with your kids without having to leave the house.

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