Keep Your Family Safe With A Bomb-Proof DIY Panic Room


The ‘preppers’ among us like to be ready for any and all eventualities.  Some go to great lengths to protect their families from a zombie outbreak or a killer virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. That isn’t as silly as we might have thought a few months ago. The recent outbreak of Ebola shows what can happen if the disease was to spread across continents. The survival rate is low.

I prefer to think about things that can happen to any of us at any time. Home security is top of the list because I worry about my family’s safety. Though we take all of the sensible precautions such as sturdy locks on all of the doors and burglar alarms, I felt it wasn’t enough. My study doubles up as a panic room in the event that an intruder should gain access to our home. My family can retreat to it and bolt the door. It will not keep a determined attacker out, but it would take them a few hours to break into the room. That is plenty of time for us to call the police.

Here is how you can keep your family safe with a bomb-proof panic room.

The Window

Have ever noticed the robust roller shutters often installed on the exterior of buildings to safeguard the windows? Well, we decided to take an innovative approach and had one installed on the inside of our home. Now, if any unexpected situation arises, be it an emergency or a sense of unease, any member of the family can simply press a button, and this reliable barrier will swiftly close, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

The Door

I have been utilizing several reliable and high-quality Lincoln Electric products for quite some time, and most recently, I employed them to fabricate a sturdy and robust steel door and frame. This particular aspect of the project happened to be the most significant and challenging. The installation process required a considerable amount of time and effort, and it certainly didn’t come without its fair share of mess and dirt. However, I can confidently affirm that with the level of security it provides, there is practically no chance that any potential burglar would be able to breach it hastily. As an added bonus, the door and frame have received a few meticulous coats of paint, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal, which has undoubtedly transformed it from initially being considered as unattractive to now being a visually pleasing addition to my space.


In the room, there is a telephone line conveniently placed, but as an added precaution, we also keep two mobile phones on charge. We’ve seen movies where intruders cut the wires, rendering the phone useless, so having these backup mobile phones provides us with peace of mind. Moreover, in case of any disruptions, there is a computer with internet access via a dongle, ensuring that we can easily communicate with the outside world in times of emergency.


Security cameras

There are several webcams dotted about the house so we can see if the coast is clear before we exit the room.

Our room is located downstairs, which makes the ceiling a vulnerable point. However, I feel less concerned about the floors upstairs since they are constructed with sturdy chipboard sheets that are challenging to lift without the assistance of power tools. Hence, I believe it would be a considerable length of time before someone could potentially access us through that route.

Perhaps you should take a look around your home for ways to improve security and give yourself peace of mind. Some people might think that a panic room is a bit over the top, but we can relax knowing it is there should we need it. Apart from the steel door, it is a straightforward project to undertake, and it could keep your family from harm. Build one in your home; you have nothing to lose.

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