Top five computer games to look out for in 2014

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If you love nothing more than point-and-click adventure games, post-apocalyptic thrillers, or first-person puzzlers, you’re in luck. With avid gamers and information sites like Wow247 talking about the most anticipated releases of 2014, it’s clear there’s much to look forward to over the coming months – but which games are exciting people the most?

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Here are five titles that are causing quite a stir:

Watch Dogs

Its release date has been pushed back once before due to the meticulous polishing and fine-tuning process, but finally, Ubisoft’s brand-new action-adventure game is set to arrive on the shelves in the upcoming spring. Brace yourself for an exhilarating and immersive experience as we delve into a bold, innovative, and highly-original concept. The game revolves around the intriguing character of Aiden Pearce, a talented hacker-spy mastering the art of manipulating Chicago’s intricate communication systems to his advantage. Beyond simply eavesdropping on residents’ calls, Pearce can also expertly navigate machinery and even induce traffic collisions with his digital prowess. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey blending the depth of a captivating single-player narrative with an ingenious multiplayer twist. As a player, you’ll possess the unique ability to hack into the games of others, extracting valuable data that unlocks exclusive Watch Dog bonuses. Get ready to unleash your inner genius and prepare for an adventure like no other!


Having won over 60 awards at its E3 2013 reveal, Titanfall is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2014. A Microsoft exclusive, first-player shooter game with incredible graphics, futuristic weapons, and gigantic mechanized Titan walkers that you can hijack, this game looks certain to offer hours of adrenalin-fuelled fun for even the most experienced gamer. Set on a derelict and war-torn planet, Respawn Entertainment’s debut game is an online multi-player only adventure which allows up to 12 human players (six against six) to go head-to-head on a battlefield and uses Microsoft’s cloud services to make the graphical experience quite spectacular.

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Game of Thrones

If you couldn’t get enough of the hugely popular, Emmy Award-winning American fantasy series, Game of Thrones, prepare yourself for a video game adaptation of the hit show later this year. Yes, Telltale Games has officially teamed up with HBO Global Licensing to create an interactive, episodic game series designed for home consoles, PC/Macs, and mobile devices. The creators have kept their lips fairly sealed, but Game of Thrones is thought to be a character-driven series reliant on juicy storylines and intriguing plots – so watch this space!

Metal Gear Solid V

It might be one of the most famous franchises of all time, but Metal Gear Solid is about to get a brand new lease of life thanks to the upcoming action-adventure stealth video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Produced by Hideo Kojima, the new release will follow on from events that occurred in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker but will feature a new day and night cycle that runs in real-time – cool huh? Players will not only be able to go on a host of night excursions but can also develop their weapons from their home base, which can be easily accessed via a smartphone!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Online-only multi-player games might be popular these days, but Nintendo has reminded us what it’s like to play against someone else in the same room with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Thanks to this brand new side-scrolling release, you can go head-to-head with friends and relatives as you battle your way back to an ice-covered homeland – frozen by rather evil-looking Vikings. There’s plenty of adventure to be had both on dry land and underwater, so find a play pal and have fun with some of Nintendo’s much-loved characters including Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and Cranky.
2014 is sure to be an exciting year for gaming fanatics so keep a look out for these five thrilling releases and many more!

This article was written by a freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35

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