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Lancaster County, with its picturesque meadows and hidden paths, may appear enchanting, yet it harbors its own complexities. The Rose Trilogy unfurls the captivating tale of two Amish sisters and the transformative junctures in their lives.

Spirited younger sibling Rose Ann Kauffman has shared a deep bond with the bishop’s rebellious foster son, while her older sister Hen, who has experienced the perils of falling for the wrong man, cautions her about him. However, Rose, caught up in another courtship, dismisses the warnings. Hen Kauffman Orringer’s impulsive marriage to an outsider has created a rift with the People, a choice she now regrets as she raises her own daughter.

As Hen strives to reclaim her Amish heritage, her modern husband challenges her, leading to an impasse. Can she reconcile her yearning for tradition with the life she has embraced?

Book 1 – The Thorn

Beverly Lewis, a New York Times best-selling author and recipient of the prestigious Christy Award, is widely acclaimed as the queen of Amish fiction. Embarking on her first book in the Rose Trilogy, her captivating tale follows the journey of two Amish sisters who find themselves on the outskirts of their community.

As they navigate through unforeseen discoveries, their lives are forever transformed. Despite the cautionary advice from her older sister, Rose Kauffman finds herself inexorably drawn to the bishop’s foster son, risking it all for a love that may not be right for her. Published in 2010, this title is available in Kindle or Audio format by clicking on the image link below to Amazon.

The Thorn: The Rose Trilogy

Book 2 – The Judgement

Rose Kauffman, a young Amish woman, finds herself torn between two men. On one hand her dependable fiancé, Silas Good, who has always been there for her. On the other hand, there’s Nick Franco, a childhood friend who left their close-knit Amish community under dubious circumstances.

As Rose grapples with her feelings, her older sister returns to the family farm with a mission of her own. She strives to regain her place in the community and fights for custody of her beloved daughter. The unfolding drama tests the bonds of family, friendship, and love in this compelling tale set in the heart of the Amish countryside. The image link below will take you directly to the Audible or Kindle purchase page:

The Judgment: The Rose Trilogy

Book 3 – The Mercy

Rose Kauffman, a young woman immersed in the simplicity of Amish life, finds herself consumed by longing for Nick Franco. Nick, once a foster son to the Bishop, departed from the close-knit community under a cloud of suspicion following his foster brother’s tragic demise. The aftermath of his rebellion extended further, silencing the once-vibrant voice of their beloved Bishop.

However, beneath Nick’s seemingly rebellious exterior lies a question that lingers in the air: is he truly the figure of defiance he appears to be? Despite the passing of time, Rose’s feelings for her wayward companion refuse to wane. Yet, her heart is burdened by Nick’s continued reluctance to return and mend the frayed ties with their People.

Although Nick has professed his unwavering love for Rose, the lingering doubt remains: will he ever find the strength within himself to forsake the allure of modernity for the sake of their relationship? As Rose patiently waits for a resolution, her elder sister Hen resides in the comforting embrace of their parents’ Dawdi Haus. Within the walls of their home, a complex situation unfolds.

Hen’s estranged “English” husband, bearing the scars of a car accident, reluctantly joins their humble abode for his recuperation, alongside their young daughter. As they navigate the precarious path of reconciliation, can their fractured marital bond find the glue needed to mend its cracks? Is there a possibility of compromising between a woman deeply rooted in her traditional Amish lifestyle and a thoroughly modern man?

In this delicate dance between tradition and transformation, emotions ebb and flow, leaving the characters to ponder the complexities of life, love, and the choices that bind us all. Click the image below to view purchase options on Amazon:

The Mercy: The Rose Trilogy

Learn More About Beverly Lewis

Beverly Marie Lewis, a distinguished American author, has captivated readers with her vast repertoire of over 100 books, spanning across Christian fiction, adult and children’s genres. Additionally, Lewis brings a unique background as a former schoolteacher and accomplished musician. Her ardor for writing ignited at a tender age of nine, where she began crafting enchanting short stories and expressive poetry while her nimble fingers danced across the piano keys, commencing at the tender age of four.

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