The Secret Guide To Christenings 2014

A christening is the single most important event in a baby’s life. Your child is entering their new path into religion. The christening is a time to celebrate and enjoy as it is the second beginning of your child’s life.

One mistake many parents make when embarking upon the spiritual journey of a christening is to panic. It is difficult to know where to start when planning a christening. As the christening is such a significant event in your child’s life, it is vital that you do everything you can to ensure the day goes well. Here is your guide to making every aspect of the day perfect.


Choosing Prayers

The task of choosing a prayer for your child’s ceremony may seem daunting. There are many prayers, which are ideal for christenings, but deciding which one is right for you is difficult. First, you may want to browse a range of prayers. Decide upon your family’s core values and try and integrate these into the prayer.

For example, if, in your family home, love is one of your values you may want to opt for a prayer about the love of God. Or if you value respect, you may choose a prayer about respect in the family home. The prayer says a great deal about you and your child, so take your time to choose with care.

The Christening Clothes

The traditional christening gown is a simple white piece of clothing, which signifies purity. In modern times, though, you can get a wide range of gowns, which are contemporary, yet still understated.

Choosing your child’s gown is important for many reasons. The gown is the outfit that they will enter the religious world in, so ensure that it suits them and projects a level of modesty.

Do not leave choosing the gown until the last minute. Take the time to look through christening gowns and find the ideal piece for your child. You will want to keep the gown after the ceremony, as an emblem of your family’s faith.

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Picking Godparents

Your child’s Godparents take on a huge amount of responsibility. They are your child’s keepers and the ones who will offer your child spiritual and life advice.

This decision is one, which should be well thought out in the lead-up to the christening. Many parents opt for their best friends, but this can be a mistake. Do not just opt for the people you like best in the world, opt instead for the people who you think can best govern your child.

Choosing Godparents is not about popularity, and who you favor. It is about your child’s future and spiritual life. Choose people who share your faith and can lead your child.

The Ideal Gifts

Christening gifts are an important aspect of the ceremony. The gift is as important as anything else on this list. The present you give your child on the day of their christening signifies the strength of your relationship.

Rather than picking a gift at the last minute, you need to take the time to decide on the ideal item. It is important to get something special, so you should avoid the urge to go to the high street. One option is to buy a unique gift, made in the UK. Made From Scotland has a wide range of baby gifts, which would be the ideal present for your child’s ceremony.

Planning the perfect christening for your child may seem like a burden, but it needn’t be. By following this secret guide to success, you can ensure that the most special day of your child’s life is also the best day of yours.

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