Why Your Teen Is Upsetting You


Living with a tricky teen can be hell. They can be rude and sullen. Your teen probably frequently fails to make eye contact with you or acknowledge that you have spoken to them. To aid this, they have purchased the world’s biggest pair of headphones to drown you out and give them an excuse not to acknowledge you. For most teens, this is their effort, albeit subconscious, at reverse psychology. They want you to try harder to be with them.

Your teenager is never going to make it easy for you to have a close relationship with them. They will make you feel bad every step of the way, and you will naturally want to give up putting yourself in that vulnerable position time and time again. Your emotions are as frail as theirs are, but teenagers have a tough time realising that. Once the communication channels are open, you still have a long way to go to keep them open and make them more comfortable.


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Some children are so fragile at this age, they turn their backs on everyone who may help them, believing they can make a better go of it on their own. They may fall in with a bad crowd or get into some unsavory habits. Everyone needs to fit in somewhere, but teenagers often feel awkward and not themselves wherever they are. This can be quite distressing for them, especially as adults see this behavior as some sort of rebellion.

If you are concerned your child really has gone off the rails, you can seek the help of a teen residential treatment center. They can help provide your child with enriching activities. By slotting your teenager into lots of different groups, they will have opportunities to express themselves in lots of different ways. These centers are particularly helpful to those teens whose schooling is failing them. They offer plenty of chances to succeed in other ways, and even graduate.

Unruly teenagers come with the territory when you are a parent, but sometimes your child can become your enemy. You can struggle to remember the reasons why you love them when they can be so mean and hurtful to you and the family. For most, this is just a phase. Your feelings are being crushed by your teen because they need the whole world to feel as confused and upset as they are. But you both love each other unconditionally and always will.

If you need a little help with coping with a teen, there are many support groups. You can also try family counselling, or speaking with the parents of their friends. You need not be alone in these matters. Remind your teenager that they are not alone either because this part of their life is fraught with many changes in relationships that were previously steady. They will continue to feel you are out of touch because, as parents, we are. We are not going through the hormonal changes, and we have long forgotten how that made us feel. But we can be on their side.

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