Unique Gadgets to Gift Men


Planning to get a gift for your gadget crazed friend? Opt for hi tech, cool gadget for men and stay clear of mundane and boring presents. Electronic gadgets almost have a magnetic effect on most men, drawing them to the diverse selection of men’s gadgets and gizmos. Do not settle for the usual, boring products at the local electronic store. Instead, opt for out-of-the-box, creative gadgets that would accentuate a man’s desk. Rule out the regulars, such as headphones, cameras and watches, since it is possible that he may already own such a top quality product.

A gift that does not add any value and is of no use to the user is not a well thought out gift. A good idea would be to check out the best electronic gadgets and gizmos from an acclaimed online store like Premier Gifts. Here you can find great electronic merchandise, ranging from the latest gadgets, all the way to vintage items and antique toys. Such products have a distinctive feel and serve as great gifts for a male friend, family member, male co-worker or business associate.

Sailors Classic Wooden Compass


A compass is a cool and out-of-the-box, vintage gadget that every man will readily accept. A Sailors Classic Wooden Compass will look good, resting on a table top at home or on the office desk. The compass has a sensitive needle that can point you in the right direction during a wildlife safari or hiking expedition. It is encased in a beautiful wooden box with a lid that opens up to reveal the compass. The wood has a nice polish to its surface, giving it a lustrous finish. It can act as an antique centerpiece for the home mantel and also be useful to the adventure minded. Available in dimensions of 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches, it can look great and add an elegant touch to any room.

Roulette Game


Men will always be fond of indoor games, especially ones that involve a little chance. A roulette game set can also be an up street and creative gift for men who love collectables. This sophisticated version of the classic roulette game is light weight and comes in the travel version. Due to precision design, men can show off their newly acquired toy by placing it in their living room or even incorporate it on their office mantle. The Roulette game comes with a removable lid, a spinning bowl, ebony shaft and a wooden ball. You can place bets, insert the ball through the hole in the lid and lift it up to see who won or lost. This game comes in dimensions of 5.5 x 3.35 inches or 14 x 8.5 centimetres and is a cost effective gifting option.

You can also opt for several other out-of-the-box men’s gadgets, such as an 18th century sundial and compass, spinning tops and board, red bb korn model car and a lot more from Premier Gift Shop.

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