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Choosing a nanny


Deciding to bring a nanny into the lives of your family is a major decision. Whether a full time, live-in position or a number of hours each week as a live-out post, it’s vital to choose someone who is reliable and attentive. Using a reputable agency such as www.supacare.com will mean you have expert guidance on every aspect of who to employ, so here’s some starter tips to help you think about your requirements.

Identify family priorities

The nanny will be your employee and needs to be a good fit with the family dynamics. The first area to think about is whether you need a live-in or live-out nanny and whether they will be full or part time.

If this is the first time you’ve had a nanny then there must be communication with those who will be sharing their home. It can take time to develop a relationship and thoughts should openly be discussed regarding the boundaries to be set up for both the nanny and the family as well as feelings about such a shift change in childcare arrangements.

Duties of the nanny

The role of a nanny isn’t set in stone. You can tailor the job to the thoughts you’ve already had and incorporate others after talking it through with everyone; it then makes it much easier to find a candidate with the qualifications and experience to match.

Many nannies have a number of responsibilities including:

  • School run
  • Preparing meals for the children
  • Ensuring their rooms are tidy
  • Helping with homework
  • Shopping for their food
  • Guiding the children when they are in their care as to discipline and manners

One area which will need particular consideration is if any of your children have specific physical or learning needs. This will need to be discussed at the outset to find a nanny with experience and qualifications in perhaps lifting and carrying or dealing with behavioural issues. Don’t hire a nanny without this knowledge as it’s not fair on you, the children or them and will lead to a break down in the relationship sooner rather than later.

Experienced nannies are flexible and can also offer to help with other responsibilities if needed. If you are looking for someone to run errands which don’t involve the children or perhaps take on aspects of pet care such as daytime dog walking, include these in the job specification from the start. Nannies who have worked with families for a number of years will expect to see a fully comprehensive picture of what is expected of them.


Transport and family holidays

A financial area to consider is use of a car and family holidays.

If your live-in nanny has the responsibility of taking the children to school or to activities and clubs it’s only fair to provide a car for them. This will need to be factored in to the overall budget as will the position with regards to your family holidays. If you have a live in nanny or one who is live out and full time, a decision will be needed as to whether they accompany you on your holidays to continue their role. This will mean paying for an extra flight or transport and an extra room if you’re staying in a hotel or hiring a villa.

Hiring a nanny is an excellent way to free up time and enrich the lives of your children. They will be a boon to your busy day and you’ll know your loved ones are in safe hands. Take your time to find the right candidate, be specific about your needs and then work with an agency which can find you suitable candidates you can welcome.

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