Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

Valentine's Day activities for kids

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, folks! And no, it’s not just for starry-eyed couples, it’s also the perfect time to show some love for our little munchkins at home. Before you start panicking about Cupid’s arrow and boxes of chocolates, hold on to your heart-shaped balloons! We’ve gathered a list of fun Valentine’s Day activities that will keep your kids entertained and give you the chance to shower them with the timeless language of love – arts, crafts, and a considerable amount of glitter. So buckle up for an adorable ride through the land of love… and maybe a bit of mess.

Our Top 20 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

  1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards: Get creative with your kids and have them make Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and family. Have them use markers, crayons, glitter glue, stickers, and other craft supplies to make unique and special cards that are sure to bring a smile to the recipients’ faces.
  2. Bake Heart-Shaped Treats: Baking is a great activity for kids on Valentine’s Day! Have your kids help you make heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes that can be shared with family and friends. You can even let them decorate their own treats with icing and sprinkles.
  3. Put Together a Photo Scrapbook: Gather up all of your favorite photos of your kids from over the years and have them help you put together a photo scrapbook as a special Valentine’s Day gift for someone special in their life.
  4. Create a Valentine’s Day Craft: Head to the craft store with your kids and pick out some fun materials such as construction paper, glitter glue, foam hearts, sequins, and more to create a festive Valentine’s Day craft together!
  5. Have a Movie Night: Pop some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch with blankets and pillows, and watch one of your favorite movies together as a family on Valentine’s Day night!
  6. Play A Board Game: Spend some quality time together by playing one of your favorite board games or card games as a family on Valentine’s Day night!
  7. Make Valentines For Pets: Have your kids make some special Valentines for their furry friends at home! They can use construction paper, markers, glitter glue, stickers, etc., to create unique cards that will surely put a smile on their pets’ faces!
  8. Decorate Sugar Cookies: Let the kids get creative in the kitchen by helping you decorate sugar cookies using different colors of icing and candy decorations like sprinkles or chocolate chips!
  9. Create A Picture Frame: Have your child pick out their favorite photo of themselves or another loved one to put in an adorable picture frame they can decorate themselves using paint pens or markers!
  10. Plant A Garden Together: Planting flowers is always fun but planting flowers specifically for Valentine’s Day is even better! Let your children pick out seeds they would like to plant then spend time tending to it together until they bloom into something beautiful just in time for February 14th!
  11. Host A Tea Party For Toys And Stuffed Animals: Let your child invite all of their stuffed animals over for a tea party on Valentine’s Day complete with tiny sandwiches made out of construction paper cutouts along with pretend teacups filled with juice or lemonade!
  12. Paint Ceramic Mugs Together: Find plain ceramic mugs at any craft store then let each member of the family paint their own mug however they want it – adding hearts or messages like “I love you” – so they can enjoy drinking hot chocolate from it later this winter season!
  13. Make Handmade Jewelry: Gather up colorful beads, string, elastic bands, feathers, pipe cleaners, buttons, etc., then let each kid create handmade jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc., which they can give away as gifts!
  14. Go On A Nature Walk: Take advantage of nice weather ( if available ) by going outside together – taking pictures & collecting items such as leaves & rocks – while admiring nature around you!
  15. Write Love Notes To Each Other: Give each child paper & markers then encourage them to write down what they love about each other & why they’re thankful for having each other in their lives!
  16. Put On A Show: Whether it be singing songs or putting on skits – let each kid take turns being creative & entertaining everyone else by performing acts that showcase their talents!
  17. Have An Arts & Crafts Contest: Set up an arts & crafts contest where everyone takes turns creating something unique out of items found around the house such as toilet paper rolls, old magazines, cardboard boxes, fabric scraps, etc., then vote on who made the best piece!
  18. Do Science Experiments Together: Have fun exploring science concepts through simple experiments such as making slime using household ingredients or growing crystals overnight!
  19. Play Dress Up: Encourage imaginative play by letting each kid dress up in costumes & pretend to be different characters from books / movies / stories while acting out scenes from those stories!
  20. Make A Scavenger Hunt List: Write down clues leading towards different items that can be found around the house or in the backyard, then let each kid take turns finding & collecting them all!

The History Of Valentine’s Day

While you’re having so much fun, why not sneak in a little education about the history of Valentine’s Day? This holiday is celebrated on February 14th every year and is associated with love, friendship and romance. It has its roots in both Christian and ancient Roman traditions.

Valentine’s Day was first linked to romantic love during the Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In the 18th century, it became a common practice to exchange gifts and handwritten notes expressing love and admiration for others on this day. By the 19th century, the tradition of sending Valentine’s cards became popular.

There are many legends surrounding the origin of Valentine’s Day, but the most popular one is about a Roman priest named Valentine who lived during the third century. Emperor Claudius II banned marriage to prevent young men from avoiding military service, but Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret. When he was discovered, he was sentenced to death and his execution is said to have taken place on February 14th. Another legend suggests that Valentine sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter, whom he had befriended, signed with “From Your Valentine,” which is still used today.

The Mythical Character Cupid

Cupid, also known as Eros in Greek mythology, is often associated with Valentine’s Day due to his status as the god of love. Cupid’s image, a mischievous winged child or cherub armed with a bow and arrows, is iconic and instantly recognizable. The ancient Romans believed that anyone pierced by Cupid’s arrow would be filled with uncontrollable desire.

The character of Cupid has been portrayed in numerous myths. One of the most well-known is the tale of Cupid and Psyche. In this story, Cupid falls in love with the beautiful mortal Psyche, but their relationship faces many trials, symbolizing the struggles of human love. Despite the trials and tribulations, their story ends in a happy union, reinforcing the notion of love conquering all.

Cupid’s image and the myths surrounding him serve as enduring symbols of affection, love, and the emotional bonds that connect people. His presence in Valentine’s Day lore contributes to the holiday’s atmosphere of romance and serves as a reminder of love’s potent, sometimes playful, power.

Final Thoughts From Life Happens With Kids

From the clandestine ceremonies performed by Saint Valentine to the playful mischief of Cupid’s arrows, each element of Valentine’s Day lore adds a layer of depth to our modern celebration. These tales, interwoven with historical, mythical, and cultural threads, serve not just to entertain, but to remind us of the enduring power of love.

Despite the multitude of challenges it often faces, love, as epitomized by these stories, remains a potent force capable of transcending boundaries and bringing people together. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day each year, let’s cherish this spirit of unity and affection, and remember the rich history that lends the holiday its romantic charm.

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