Find the Best Nursing Homes in Sussex


One of the most difficult decisions a family can make may be when an elderly family member is suffering from signs of dementia or other mental health issues. Very often this can be a stressful time for the family as they try to decide just what the best course of action is to take. Often the best decision lies in finding the proper facility that can provide the level of care and attention your loved one needs each day. This can mean trying to find the best nursing home to get the help that you need. If you are in the Sussex area and dealing with this issue in your family you will want to consider the nursing homes in Crawley West Sussex as a viable option.

What to Look for in a Facility

You are going to want to take a close look at any nursing home you are considering so you can be sure it has the features you require to be sure that your loved one is safe and receiving the proper care and attention. You want a facility that is properly staffed, trained and experienced in dealing with patients with dementia and mental health disorders so that you can be sure the right assessments and treatments are going to be offered all of the time. You also want a facility that can provide areas for communal activities and socialization and for relaxing. If you are looking for all of this and are considering the Sussex nursing homes you will want to look at Ashton Grange Dementia Nursing Home as your top choice in the area.

Comfort and Care for Everyone

Ashton Grange places the comfort and care of all of its residence above everything else. The facility features 29 single bedrooms and one shared bedroom on its grounds. Many of the rooms have en-suite facilities and are also located right on the ground floor. A recent addition of six large luxury ground floor rooms has been added as well as a large conservatory area just over the garden that is ideal for relaxing. There were also renovations done to the kitchen and to the basement area, where a large laundry facility was added. There are communal areas where activities and hobbies can occur and relaxation areas for quiet time when desired. All meals are prepared fresh each day and can be served in the lounge or in bedrooms as desired and special diets are all taken care of as well. There is nursing staff available 24 hours a day and a full staff of senior care workers and junior care workers to tend to all of the needs of the residents.

When you have decided to seek help for your family member and want to provide them with a safe and caring environment in the Sussex area feel free to contact the staff at Ashton Grange Dementia Nursing Homes. The staff will be glad to provide you with any information you need or answer questions and arrange for a visit so you can see just what the facility has to provide.


Get the Best Residential Care in West Sussex


One of the biggest concerns of many families today is making sure that elderly members of the family can get the quality care they need and deserve. There are times when residential care for the elderly is the best and most viable option, and when this time arrives you want to make sure that the facility you choose for your parent or loved one is one that is going to provide a high level of caring and meet all of the needs of its residents. If you are in the Horsham area and are seeking quality West Sussex care homes there are aspects you want to consider most when choosing the best facility.

Services You May Need

The place you choose as a facility for your loved one may rely heavily on the specific needs of the loved one. For some people you may need a residence that provides for a private room and bed and bathroom area. You may also want to look for a facility where there is the ability to call for nursing help or medical help when it may be needed. You also want to look for a place that has a friendly and caring staff that takes the individual needs of its residents into strong consideration with every decision that is made. While there may be a number of places that you can choose from as care homes in Crawley, only the Ashtonleigh Residential Home can be considered the best residential care home Crawley has to offer you and your family.

The Respect and Care Needed

This residential home has been open since 1997 and provides excellent care for all of its residents. There are 43 beds at the facility, with each resident having his or her own bedroom and many have their own toilets and showers. A recent renovation also created 14 new bedrooms on the ground floor, a new conservatory lounge and a completely renovated kitchen. Each room has a nurse’s call bell so assistance can be called for at any time and the communal area provides a great place for residents to mingle and take part in all kinds of activities. All meals are prepared fresh each day with special dietary needs of residents being catered to as well. Regular meetings are held with residents and their families to make sure all needs are being met and to lay out any plans that may need to be changed to make a resident more comfortable or at ease so they feel more at home.

Ashtonleigh Residential Home does all that it can to help its residents feel comfortable in their surroundings and consider it their home away from home. When you are considering a residential care facility for someone you love in the West Sussex or Crawley area, feel free to give Ashtonleigh a call to make arrangements for a visit. You can ask questions, discuss your options and see for yourself how fine of a place it can be to provide your loved one with the home, care and respect they deserve.


Keeping Cool With Your Family This Summer

Summertime brings the children home from school, and it also brings warm temperatures, which means that your utility bills will go up. There are ways that you can maintain your cool and keep the kids busy while managing your utility costs.

Get Out of the House

There are so many public places that keep their establishment comfortable during the day, allowing you to take advantage of them. Make a trip to the library, go to a museum, or enjoy a matinee. Go to the pool, or to a local park that has a lot of shade trees. Run errands in the morning before the sun heats up. If you aren't home, you don't have to keep everyone cool.

Don't forget the sunscreen when you do go outside, and make sure everyone stays hydrated. However, you should limit caffeine and alcohol. Wear a wide brimmed hat when you go out in the sun to protect your face and neck and to help stay cool. If you run outside or exercise, go early in the morning or when it's cooler in the evening so that you don't overheat.

When You're at Home

It might be challenging to keep the house cool. Keep the curtains closed to prevent the sun from heating the inside of your home. Angle your venetian blinds upward to keep the direct rays from streaming into the room. Don't use the oven. In fact, you can plan meals that are lighter and cooler, such as salads, sandwiches, and cold soups. Stay hydrated with plenty of water. If you're tired of plain water, infuse it with lemon juice or herbs for added flavor.

Use energy efficient lightbulbs that don't add heat. Check into the heating and cooling installation of a new HVAC unit that cools better than your older system. Run your dryer at night so that you don't add heat during the day when the sun is already doing its best. Play outside with the hose and other water toys, but limit your time in the sun when it's at its peak. Keep small paper fans handy for quiet activities in the living room.

Cooler Nights

Use fans to keep the air circulating throughout the home, especially at night. Open the doors of the bedrooms to let the air move freely. Take a cool shower in the evening and don't towel off. The evaporation will let you feel cooler. Wear loose clothing at night, and use silk or cotton sheets to absorb sweat and stay cool. Synthetic fabrics do not have natural moisture wicking abilities. Try to stay calm before bed because activity can heat your body up. Before bed, eat a popsicle or have some frozen fruit to cool your body down from the inside.

Be Creative

Keep frozen bottles of water around not just for drinking but also for cooling off. Wrap one in a towel and place it behind your neck. Go ice skating. Get out of the city and go camping. The pavement absorbs heat, so it's typically cooler in the woods or mountains. Set your thermostat to 78° F when you're at home, and turn it up a little when you leave. You'll notice a difference in your heating bills, but it won't affect your lifestyle. According to the AC Man of Houston (, stay on top of your HVAC maintenance and replace air filters regularly to get the best performance out of your system. Look for ways to keep cool this summer with your family, so that you can enjoy lower utility bills and build your relationship with your kids.

This article was contributed on behalf of the AC Man of Houston, your number one choice when looking for Heating and Cooling Installation. Check out their website today and see how they can help you! 

How To Create The Most Amazing Family Garden

Summer is finally here, and with the warm weather on the way, now is the time to start thinking about your garden. Kids love spending time outside, so having somewhere suitable to spend time outside as a family is important.

Many parents worry that their kids don’t spend enough time outside, but that tends to be because the garden isn’t suitable. Kids like having areas to play and have fun in, and if your garden doesn’t offer that, then they won’t want to spend time outside.

While it’s important that your garden is somewhere your children can run around in, it should also be somewhere you love. While you want to create the perfect outdoor space for your kids, your garden shouldn’t be one big play area.

To help you create the most amazing family garden, we have put together some tips, below:


Create different zones


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If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, the best thing you can do is create different zones. Instead of having a large trampoline taking up more of your grass, think outside the box.

Think about the different ways you can separate your garden into zones. Perhaps you could have a patio or area with a table, a grassy area with plants, and an area with a den, treehouse or kids climbing equipment.


Invest in good-quality play equipment

Play equipment is important for creating a child-friendly space, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill your garden with plastic. Instead of opting for cheap-looking equipment, go for something more organic looking.

Wooden play equipment looks good, is long lasting and will give your garden a better feel to it. Instead of making your garden resemble a day care center, opting for wooden equipment will give it a better look.


Add a pool

If you have a large enough garden, think about adding a pool. If you and your children love swimming, then adding a pool to your garden is a great idea. Just make sure to invest in a pool that has a safety fence, this is especially important if you have young kids.

If you are a little stuck for ideas of how to fit a pool into your garden, why not get in touch with a landscape architect. For the best landscape architects have a look online and do some research.


Be original

Instead of just adding a slide and swing set, think outside the box and come up with different play equipment ideas. Treehouses, dens, rope swings, tepee tents – there are so many options for garden play equipment to choose from.

If your little one particularly wants a piece of play equipment, like a trampoline, think about how you can make it work in your garden. For example, instead of having a trampoline taking up your whole lawn, why not have a sunken trampoline with a decking lid? By day play equipment, by night an area to have drinks on.

Creating a child-friendly garden doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on your own outdoor space. You can create a beautiful garden that both you and your kids will love, by following these useful tips.

Five Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Kids

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Raising a child is hard. You don’t want to put pressure on them, but you need to teach them responsibility and get them into a routine. There is the temptation just to let them do what they want and enjoy themselves. After all, they are only children. But, for the sake of your kids and your health you need to get out of that way of thinking. Children need a healthy, balanced lifestyle just like adults. Here are a few ways that you can promote that with your children.


Eat Plenty Of Fruit And Veg

It’s important that kids get their five a day. Almost all fruits contain a vital mixture of vitamins, fibre and minerals that is essential for kid’s growth. Children’s bodies are at a delicate stage in their development so you should promote the important nutrients that they need to grow strong and healthy bones. Five a day is the suggested amount, but it doesn’t have to be five pieces of fruit. Mix it up because kids can get bored with food. Try a fruit juice in the morning, an apple at lunch and two pieces of veg for dinner.


Snack Regularly

Children do not work well if they are hungry, so give them regular snacks to keep their energy levels high. As soon as the energy levels drop, fits of rage and anger are on the menu. Obviously, snacks should be as healthy as possible because otherwise it is bad for their diet. Snacks are essential, especially if you kids are active because a positive mind frame is imperative in a child’s growth. If your children grow up in a positive and happy environment, it will enhance their further years as a result.


Mix And Match Their Food

Mixing and matching food is a great way of keeping their diet healthy. A healthy diet for any person is a mixture of protein, fats and carbohydrates and the only way to achieve that is to have all these food groups on the plate. No one food has enough of all these nutrients, so kids should be eating a mixture of meat and vegetables.


Get Some Sleep

You’ve been there yourself. You haven’t had enough sleep the night before, and you wake up cranky and in a terrible mood. Not only is a lack of sleep bad for kids mood, it is also bad for their health. Sleep is the body’s way of restoring and regenerating from the activities of the day before. So, if the body doesn’t get enough sleep it cannot restore its natural settings. Make sure they go to bed at a reasonable time, but also make sure you tailor their bed to their needs. If you have any doubts, pop down to the bed shop and get some help from the professionals.


Stay Active

Children more so than anybody need to keep active. They have boundless amounts of energy and need to run it off, so it doesn’t build up and manifest itself as something else. A lack of exercise can cause stress and affect their mental health.

Remember if you promote these ideas yourself, your children are more likely to follow suit.

The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

There is a day in July where the classrooms are quiet. Millions of school children are silent, staring at the clock, waiting. Waiting for the bell to ring and school to end. But it doesn’t just end for the day, it ends for the summer! The summer holidays, six/seven weeks of the year where kids run wild. No school, no work, they’re free for a couple of months. That period between July and September is a dreamland for every child. For every parent, it’s the toughest mission of the year. One of you will be stuck at home while the other goes to work. It’s your job to look after the children during the day, every day, for two months. Summer is a battleground for parents, and you need to know how to survive. Listed below are some ways to help you survive the summer with your children.


Good Behaviour Chart

A little trick my mum used to use on me and my siblings when we were kids. You put the children’s names on a chart and reward them for good behaviour with a smiley face. You also give them sad faces for bad behaviour. The idea is that, at the end of the holidays, if they have more smiley faces, they earn a reward. This reward could be anything, a pack of sweets, a game or a fancy pair of start rite shoes for them to show off. The choice is theirs. What this chart will do, is help keep your kids under control. It gives them an incentive to be good and not be a pain the whole summer. One simple trick can make your summer a lot less stressful.


(Image source:


Take Them Out

Don’t stay in your house all summer, take them places. You can go on lovely days out to the beach or a park. The weather should be nice at least once during the entire seven weeks. You can visit local attractions or drive somewhere fun. Getting your kids out of the house will stop them being restless and keep them entertained. Also, a day out will tire them, so come night time they’ll go to bed without complaining.


Playing With Friends

Keep your kids entertained and also catch up with some of your own friends. Birthday parties are a great place for your children to play with friends while you and the other parents take a back seat. But you can also set up playdates. Have their friends come over, or (preferably) go over one of their friends houses. Playdates are great for struggling parents to team up for a day and combine forces. Or, you can send your child over on their own, which means one less thing for you to worry about all day. Just make sure you know the parents and speak to them when they pick your child up. For safety reasons of course.


(Image from pdpics


These are three ways you can have an easier time at home this summer. You love your kids, but sometimes they can be a handful. Summer doesn’t need to be stressful; you just have to know how to handle it.

Styling up for the British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is now a fixture not only in the sporting calendar but also in the wider social diary of the international jet set. This Formula One racing event has all the elements that are sure to attract the rich and fashionable elite: speed, power, design, glamour and, perhaps above all, money. These days, the sport is big business, and the major racing fixtures are places to see and be seen. A VIP day out at the Grand Prix is also an ideal way to impress an important client. Ultimately, the organisers know that promoting an ambience of glamour, style, champagne and luxury is all to the benefit of their brand.

Racing glamour

Motorsports have always had an aura of glamour and style, but the connections between racing and the fashion world have become even closer in recent years. Sonia Irvine, the sister of former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine, organised the first Amber Lounge charity fashion show at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006, putting drivers on the catwalk in outfits from the world's top designers.

These days, the paddock area is an informal catwalk in its own right, with everyone aware that they're under the constant scrutiny of the world's media, and dressing accordingly. Drivers such as Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are now style icons in their own right, while global sportswear firms compete to design their racing uniforms and offer sponsorship deals.

Safer circuits

Increased safety on the track has certainly helped broaden the appeal of Formula One Racing. Silverstone attracts 120,000 spectators on race day, there for the glamour and excitement, and secure in the knowledge that the event is unlikely to be spoiled by a fatality. This safer racing experience is undoubtedly down to the pioneering work of former FIA president Max Mosley. Recent comments by Max Mosley on show that he still follows the sport and is as impassioned and forthright in his opinions as ever.

Standing out from the crowd

Now that the Grand Prix is the place to be seen for top celebrities, fashion designers and the rich and powerful, just how do you ensure that you get noticed? Money might get you the latest designer outfit, but it takes a personal sense of style and self-possession to turn heads for all the right reasons. Style is all about pushing boundaries while staying chic, saying you're an individual, but most importantly, having the confidence to carry it off in a relaxed and natural manner.

With the biggest stars in music and movies jostling to be seen in pole position, the British Grand Prix is the place to show off on the world stage. It's about more than just racing, and for some, the Grand Prix itself is just a backdrop, lending a reflected glamour of sleek design, speed, power and money to the fashionable social whirl of the whole weekend. Style up and hold your head high, and you too could be mixing with the jet set this summer.        

How to make your child’s first experience of the opticians less scary

It’s very important for toddlers and infants to have the best possible vision as much of their ongoing learning and healthy development is intimately connected with having correct eyesight. Although all smaller children have regular check-ups on their eyes as a part of their overall developmental checks, these are not as thorough as the screening provided by professional optometrists. For this reason, it’s really important to get your child along to the high street optician at an early age.

Eye tests for toddlers

Take your child to a professional optician at around about the age of three. If you leave it for much longer than this, there’s a chance that learning difficulties will develop as a result of uncorrected eye problems. If any are found, there will be a better chance of nipping them in the bud.

What to expect in the optician’s test room

The tests that will be carried out in the optometrist’s room are entirely comfortable, and the procedures are designed for easy and stress-free treatment of young children. The first eye examination is always something of a trial simply because you don’t know what to expect, but once you see how professional, experienced and caring the specialist is, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

First of all, you’ll be asked about any family history of glaucoma or other eye conditions, and whether you’ve noticed your child experiencing any difficulties whilst playing or trying to focus on distant objects.

At Howards Opticians, a number of simple tests will be performed, depending on your child’s age. The optician will use various techniques to check your child’s eyes, but essentially each eye will be tested on its own and then in conjunction with the other eye to make sure that they’re working properly together. As a child of three or four will hardly be able to explain whether they’re experiencing any problems in vision, an instrument called a retinoscope is used to measure light reflected from the back of the eye to determine issues of focus.

Sometimes, parents are worried that their child can’t read yet, and how in that case the eye test can be carried out. However, reading tests are designed for older children and adults; for toddlers, there are different tests. Remember that these are specifically designed for small children, to put them at their ease and to cause minimum discomfort. You’ll be able to hold and comfort your child throughout in surroundings that will be unfamiliar to you both.

No worries

Taking a small child to see an optician for the first time can be a scary prospect, for the parent as well as for the child, but there’s really nothing to worry about. You’ll be there all the time to provide comfort when needed, and opticians are trained to deal with small children, and will not expect them to be as proactive as adults in the tests. When the checks are completed, you’ll know either that everything is fine or that potential problems are being professionally addressed.

High-end hair styling on a budget

It’s common knowledge that to keep your hair looking great, it’s necessary to spend some time and effort on it. The good news is that to do this need not necessarily involve great expense.

No one gets out of bed with perfect hair, and celebrities look so fabulous simply because they have a whole team of dedicated hair technicians working on them before they even leave the house. Although the majority of us can probably live without stylists, the occasional trim and cut can make a significant difference to our appearance.

Don’t repeat-wash in one session

A double-shampoo will simply strip your hair of its natural oils, and “squeaky-clean” is actually synonymous with “super-dry”, which is something you definitely don’t want. The advice from Toni & Guy Liverpool and other experts is not to use a shampoo twice in the same wash, but after every other wash, and to use a small amount of conditioner when you’re not shampooing. When you do use shampoo, use just half the amount recommended on the bottle. The result will be healthier hair that has a lot more body, and you’ll also reduce your shampoo expenditure by half.

Careful with the timing

If you’ve coloured your hair, using clarifying shampoo is a definite no-no, whether it’s homemade or been bought in a store. It will drain out the colour and leave your hair looking less evenly toned. Instead, use clarifying shampoo just before you actually apply the colour. The effect of removing traces of build-up in this way will be hair that can hold the colour better for longer.

Use baking soda

Every six weeks or so, remove all the traces of conditioner and styling products using a box of common baking soda from the kitchen cabinet. Mix a spoonful of this with two of white vinegar and rub it into your scalp right along the hair strands, and then rinse it all out.

Use the right pillow cases

If you sleep on satin pillowcases, you’ll find that your hair crumples far less than it does on cotton. The hair cuticles become roughened by cotton whereas satin will allow your hair to slip gently over the surface as you turn and roll during sleep.

Visit the local hairdressing academy

Getting your hair done at the local college by trainee hairdressers will work out cheaper and often a lot better than visiting a high street salon. Students are usually keener to try out a lot of new styles, whilst at the same time ensuring that they’re doing their work properly. Tell them what they want and their supervisor will keep a check on things.

The myths of the simple-and-easy hairdo and the wash-and-go cut have been pretty much exploded by now, and most people appreciate that only the starlets leave their houses with perfect hairdos. There are, however, numerous ways in which you can keep your hair not only under control but also looking great by taking a few shortcuts and applying half a bottle of common sense.


Finding the Right Mortgage Lender for Your Family

All home mortgage lenders aren't created equal. That means you have to shop around and do careful research before delving into the housing market. If this is your first time buying a home, this task can seem daunting. After all, there are countless mortgage lenders out there vying for your business. How do you know which one is best for you? Here are some tips for finding the right mortgage lender for your family.

Start Big and End Small

Investigate the options of online lenders, your existing bank or financial institution, and mortgage brokers. Create a list outlining the rates offered by each, then narrow down your selection from there. Consider not just interest rates but points and other fees as well. Don't just assume you have to get your mortgage through your bank or credit union. They may not end up offering the lowest rate for you, so it's important to shop around.

Head to Your Existing Bank

That said, it's worth a try to start with your bank or credit union to see what kind of a deal you can get. Find out which types of mortgages they offer and if there are any deals they offer current customers like yourself. You may luck out and get the terms you were hoping for.

Consider a Broker

If you're leery of navigating the sea of mortgage lenders, one option available to you is to hire a mortgage broker who can act as a middleman between you and lenders. They can't exactly cut deals or obtain low rates unavailable elsewhere, but they can help you narrow down your selections and pinpoint the best deal possible, says Bankrate. Just be careful when hiring a mortgage broker to make sure they are reputable.

Ask Around

Just like you would ask your family and friends for recommendations on good carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, so too should you ask for opinions on mortgage lenders. You will get solid insight as to which lenders are easy to work with and offer convenient, affordable rates and services. Another source of good information is your real estate agent. He or she should be able to impart advice on mortgage lenders with whom they've worked in the past. Local real estate agents have their fingers on the pulse of the housing market and are a vital source of information in the industry. Yes, some agents have in-house affiliated lenders that they recommend exclusively, but a good agent won't limit themselves to those. Other people to ask include your lawyer, financial adviser, or your accountant.

Take Lots of Notes

When you meet with various lenders, be sure to take copious notes, asking for things like Good Faith Estimates (GFE) and Truth-In-Lending (TIL) statements, recommends Forbes. In addition, inquire about lock-in periods, points, and any qualification requirements. Be aware of the fit between you and a particular lender. According to Texas Iron and Metal (click here), you should feel like you are part of a partnership engaging in a collaborative process, not a person being sold a product. Fair lenders will not only qualify you for a loan, they will also give you advice on how to improve your credit standing and how your mortgage gels with your long-term financial plan.

This article was contributed on behalf of Texas Iron and Metal, your steel supplier in Houston TX when looking for steel to build a home! Check out their website today and see how they can help you.