3 Reasons To Cultivate Your Child’s Musical Education



It’s generally pretty well established that musical education is something that will help a young person in the development of both their intelligence and their personality. Despite this fact, music programs in most of Canada’s public schools are under fire and in danger of losing all their funding. The reason that provincial governments will often give is that music is not an essential skill like math or computer skills; a school would be much more likely to receive funding for a computer lab where kids can learn coding than a music room and a decent collection of instruments.

And while math and computer skills are definitely important, an analysis of the job market and where it will be in ten years’ time suggests that creativity and the ability to think flexibly will be the most important skills. Jobs that have been performed by humans for as long as we can remember will be automated, and it will be up to our kids to grow into decisive, confident grownups who can navigate a complicated future and carve out a niche for themselves.

So yes, emphasizing math and computers is important, but if kids aren’t brought up with a pursuit that stimulates creativity and opens those neural pathways that help with flexible thinking, they may run into trouble. The idea of choosing a specialty and sticking with it over an entire career is becoming totally anachronistic, so making sure that your child builds confidence and a unique creative voice is more important now than ever before if they are to have a happy and successful life.

So even though you’ve probably read a list similar to this one before, here are some less obvious benefits of music lessons for kids that may not have necessarily occurred to you:

Helps the Educational Process:

There are at least four ways that music will enhance your child’s overall learning abilities: it will certainly improve their motor skills; it can help them see the correlation between hard work, achievement and gratification (when they finally nail that piano number they’ve been working on); it helps to improve memory function, and finally, music can improve abstract reasoning abilities.

Ignites the Creative Fire:

The easiest way to explain this benefit is to say that exploring music, even if your kids are going off of sheet music, is that playing music will probably lead to improvisation at some point, even if it is purely by chance. This creative spirit allows us to think outside the box and dig up solutions and ideas that are off the established grid: the kind of ideas that can transform a business or lead to an important discovery. The more scientific way to explain this is to say: music helps the right and left hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other.

Helps with Mathematics:

Learning music helps forge strong neural pathways that are related to the way the brain processes and completes a math problem. Classical music – the rhythms and notes – are essentially mathematical; reading music will help your child see math as a more multi-dimensional discipline rather than a dry pile of boring numbers. It may also help them ace calculus without breaking a sweat!

Removing Unwanted or Diseased Trees

The sheer variety of trees that can grow in and around your garden is bewildering. Some are very beautiful indeed, and make for a wonderful addition to your garden landscape, and some can grow to quite considerable size. If you are planting trees, take care to get all the advice you can on which type to include in your garden, as you need to think a long time into the future to see the eventual impact a mature tree may have on your landscape. You may be surprised, too, how quickly some trees grow!

In a garden that already has trees, maintenance is an essential part of their life. Trees with branches that – if allowed to grow out too far – might overhang powerlines, roads and paths or other public areas need to be kept under control. This means regular cutting back of such branches – and the removal of damaged parts of the tree – to keep them under control. It is essential that you perform this maintenance before things get dangerous, as then it will be far more costly.

Use the Experts

You may be able to prune your shrubs, or even dig out and remove those that you want to get rid of, but when it comes to trees things move up to another level. Trees can be very large, and even the smaller ones need expert help to maintain and remove. If you have trees that are diseased, for example, you need to get rid of them before the disease passes to the rest; this is a job for the experts for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, removing trees requires not only the correct knowledge and understanding, but also the use of specialist machinery and equipment. Larger trees also require careful planning to cut down, as you need to be sure they will fall in a direction that will not cause damage or injury to persons nearby. Even cutting down damaged branches is a job for the expert, as they will be able to do the job professionally, quickly and correctly, using the right techniques and with the desired results.

Further Services

If you are looking for local tree removal and maintenance services click here and you will find details of a reputable company with many years of experience in the business of tree services. They can offer you help with everything from felling and removing damaged or unwanted trees to the removal of stumps – a very difficult job that requires plenty of expertise and equipment, and that should never be attempted as DIY. They can also offer you expert pruning and trimming services, so you can keep your young and mature trees in top condition.

Trees are wonderful to have around if they are well-maintained and kept under control, so why not get in touch with your local tree service experts now for a free no obligation quote, or to ask them for expert advice on all your tree maintenance and service requirements.

Fit New Windows for that New Home Look

Your home is the place where you spend most of your life. Whether that’s relaxing in the evening, spending weekends with the family, cooking meals or simply sleeping, it’s all time that adds up. That means that your home is working all the time, and in doing so, it is costing money. Every home needs to be heated, and to have water that is usable and hot. Yet, there may be areas in which you are losing energy – and therefore money – without being aware.

Your windows, for example; how old are they, and are they as efficient as they could be? After all, windows do more than just let in light. They are there for ventilation when the weather gets too hot, and they provide insulation when the colder months come around. Did you know, however, that leaking or inefficient windows can cost as much as 30% more in energy loss than those that are doing the job? That’s why fitting new windows – which may look like an expense you could possibly avoid – starts to save you money as soon as the job is done.

More About Windows

Your home may be of a certain age where it still has the original – perhaps wood-framed – windows. This is great, and they do look beautiful, but wood rots over the years, and once it does so the efficiency of the frames is reduced. There are many new forms of wood-framed windows that are much more energy efficient yet just as beautiful, plus there are the PVC versions too, which offer added benefits in longevity and insulation.

It is worth talking to a local expert about replacement windows as they will be able to advise you on the best course of action. With so many different options around, and the type of window that suits you being dependent upon a variety of factors, you need expert help so that you can be sure of getting the best possible job at the right price. This is where the local expert is important – they will be able to keep costs down thanks to shorter travelling distances and using local suppliers for the raw materials.

Style and Security

Windows are not, then, just about letting in light; we know that they are an aid to energy-efficiency, and that they are there for ventilation and insulation. They are also a form of security, which is something your old, wood framed windows may not provide. Modern window frames are designed with security in mind – an open or easily opened window is one of the commonest entry places in burglaries – and come with a wise choice of locks and other protection.

Even the modern PVC windows are designed to be attractive, so you will be able to find the replacement windows that suit your property, and once you have new, insulated and efficient windows installed, you will start saving money immediately. Get the experts in to survey your property and give you a quote – you may be surprised how affordable it is to have new windows.

How To Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Clean Up



As the mom, you’re used to cleaning up your kids’ messes. And there a lot of them. Kids are professionals when it comes to making messes and novices when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. But there are only so many dishes you can scrub and toys you can pick up before your patience runs out. Before you explode and yell your kids into action, consider talking with your children about their responsibilities in the household. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you lay down new laws.

Establish clear, consistent rules…

Your kids aren’t mind readers. Though they may realize you’re frustrated, they may not understand connect your mood to the toys left out on the floor. Outline what you expect out of them each night. Take the time to explain the tasks you want them to do. Writing them down on a chore list or a schedule can be a great visual reminder for those kids who struggle with verbal commands.

However you deliver them, consistency is an important element to your rules. Don’t allow them to ditch dinner clean-up duties one night and then yell at them the next time they try to escape without helping.

… And the consequences of breaking them

You need to establish an appropriate penalty if they fail to help with cleaning. Let’s say you want them to put away their toys after they’re done playing with them. The first time they forget to do it, don’t clean up after them. Remind them of their promise and make sure they tidy up after themselves. You should also give them a warning that if they do it again, there will be a consequence. If they forget to tidy up a second time, you may want to take away the toy(s) they leave out. Or you could cancel your planned trip to see Peter Rabbit in theaters.

Don’t lose your patience

Kids will be kids. Sometimes even when they think they’re helping, they end up making a bigger mess than what they started with. They may break the tickle trunk you use to hold their toys. They may drop their art supplies and spread paint all over the carpet. They may drop a stack of plates when all they meant to do was put them away. Though this can be frustrating, don’t lose your patience and yell at them so profusely they’ll never want to help ever again. Explain what they did wrong and how they can stop it from happening again. Like the rules above, ensure there are consequences if they don’t listen to you when you tell them to be careful.

Have a backup plan

As you can imagine, buying a new storage trunk, cleaning a carpet, or replacing a set of dishes can be expensive. A backup plan can help you cover these financial emergencies when your kids’ best efforts to help go awry. If you don’t have a rainy-day fund that covers these unexpected expenses, you can turn to a personal loan company like MoneyKey for help. These lenders offer cash loans that help you pay for these emergencies by using methods that fit your busy schedule. You don’t have to make time to send off an application or sit through an interview. They do most of their business online, which is why so many moms use short term loans. You don’t have to find a babysitter while you apply. As long as you have a tablet or laptop, you can apply, receive, and repay your loan from anywhere and anytime you have a secure connection.

Break down the chore into steps

Often disaster strikes when they race through a big job without taking care for each step. You can minimize the chance your kids cause damage by breaking each chore into smaller, more manageable stages.

It may be difficult at first, but when you stick to your guns, eventually your kids will see your word rules. Sometimes you might have to be hard on them, but ultimately you aren’t their friend. You’re their mother. You need to make sure they develop a sense of responsibility for their surroundings. Not only will it take a load off your chores at home, but it will help you raise a considerate and competent child who can clean up their own messes.

Pain-Free Ways To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time



Screen addiction wasn’t something your parents had to worry about when you were a kid. Though you argued for more time spent watching TV or playing your Nintendo, you tempered your time indoors with time playing outside. Things are a lot different now. Always near to hand, the iPhone is a constant in your kids’ lives. Like so many of us, they’re addicted to checking in with their feeds and group chats whenever there’s a lull in IRL activities. (That’s In Real Life, for you clueless parents). Except, when your kids use their phones constantly, new studies suggest tie significant health consequences to their digital habits. A growing portion of the scientific community links diminishing mental, emotional, and physical health in youths to excessive screen time. Let’s go over the possible risks and solutions to excessive screen time.

Too much screen time has side effects

Filled to the brim with apps, an iPhone can take on any use. It’s an entertainment system, a gaming console, a communication device, a learning tool, and much more. On the surface, it could only seem like a positive influence in your children’s lives. But once you delve deeper, it’s not as cut and dry.

Recent research suggests excessive screen time poses a risk to your children’s mental and physical health. The University of Bristol found those children (aged 10 and under) who spent more than two hours a day in front of a screen experienced:

  • Emotional difficulties
  • Hyperactivity and/or inattention
  • Problems with their friends and peer group

As screen time increased and physical activity decreased, researchers found these problems worsened.

Other studies saw similar negative effects in teenagers. One theorized excessive screen time as a suicide risk factor, as those teens who spent more than five hours on a device are 71 percent more likely to commit suicide. These studies point the finger at social media accounts as the reason why so many teens have poor mental health today because they cause older children to compare themselves to others.

This research, alongside cases of cyber bullying, cause many parents to rethink how they allow their kids to use cell phones.

You aren’t the only concerned parent

At the start of the year, some of Apple’s biggest shareholders sent a letter to the Cupertino-based company. The letter, which you can read in its entirety here, voiced a concern shared by many parents around the world. Jana Partners and the California State Teacher’s Retirement System (CSTRS) — collectively owning roughly $2 billion in Apple shares — urged Apple to address the mounting public health crisis of youth phone addition. They said the tech company has a responsibility to limit access to their phones. They also asked Apple to study the impact of excessive phone use on youth’s mental well-being.

How to win the argument

With science on your side, the obvious solution to the problem of screen time is to limit the amount of time your kids use their phones. For any parent who has already had this conversation, you know this is easier said than done. When your kids are used to a certain amount of time with their phones, any restriction will be met with anger. It’s going to be a challenge to get them on board, but the following tips can help you convince them to cut back on their screen time.

Remember to limit, not eliminate: The problem isn’t the phone itself. As mentioned above, it’s a great tool for your kids that lets them explore the world. It only becomes a problem when they spend too much time on it. Though you may be tempted to keep their phone under lock and key, don’t. Studies show that teens who don’t use their phones are less happy than those who do.

When you bring up the subject, clarify that you don’t want to take their phone away from them. Make sure they know you just want to limit the time they spend on it.

Set household rules that apply to everyone: If you continue using your phone without restriction after limiting their screen time, you might experience some pushback from your kids. They may resent you or call you a hypocrite. You can try avoiding these arguments by making it a family challenge to limit everyone’s screen time.

Sit down one day and establish the rules to this challenge, making sure everyone knows when they can use their phones and when they can’t. Pick specific times — like during dinner or an hour before bed — as phone blackouts. Make it a competition to see who can go the longest without checking their notifications. You’ll have a greater chance at winning them over when you turn it into a game.

Reward good behavior: Don’t think yourself above bribes. They can be a great incentive when your kids are still challenging this new smartphone regime. Talk to them to see what it would take. When they start listing things like a pony, the iPhone X, or something equally expensive, be ready with your own affordable options.

A customized iPhone decal is a great option as your first reward. Though inexpensive, these decals (or skins) offer your kids a way to express themselves in unique ways. When it comes to selection, no one does it like dbrand. These vinyl skin creators have an exclusive partnership with 3M vinyl that allows them to offer premium designs your kids won’t find anywhere else. Your kids can choose from special dragon skins or marble or carbon fiber iPhone skins. And when they use the online build-a-skin feature, they can play around with customized combinations of any color or texture.

Take advantage of parental controls and other sneaky tools: If they’re still not respecting your new rules, you’ll have to fight dirty. Every iPhone comes equipped with parental controls (the Cupertino-based company calls them Restrictions) that let you lock certain apps, hide explicit content, and block websites. Here’s a thorough guide showing you how to enable this feature.

Your provider should also offer ways you can limit their data, allowing you to disable apps and prevent in-app purchases. Depending on your provider, you may even be able to lock apps after they’ve used them for a certain length of time.

Some parents take matters into their own hands. They change the password to their house’s Wi-Fi every day and will only share it once their kids complete their chores. It’s a handy way of ensuring your kids help out around the house. If you choose to go down this route, make sure you’ve put limits on their data to make sure they don’t go over their limit in retaliation.

The bottom line

Cell phones are an inevitability in 2018 but their negative side-effects aren’t. Speak with your children and work out a way to limit their screen time that works for the whole family. Making it a family challenge, employing parental controls, and rewarding good behavior are just three ways you can increase your success. But don’t stop there. Brainstorm your own ideas that can make this transition a little easier and share with the class.

Best Memory Foam Dog Beds

How much do you love your dog? If you’re like most dog owners, the answer will be a lot! We do love dogs, and they love us back – that’s part of the reason – and they make the most loyal, dedicated and wonderful pets. Intelligent, obedient and always there for us when we need them, dogs are an addition to the family, and we like to look after them to the full.

It’s a fact that dogs love a comfortable and warm bed to lie on – and as they tend to sleep as and when, one that is available whenever they need it – just like us, so we also like to make sure our pets are catered for in this area. We give them a nice place to sleep, close to warmth and with plenty of soft cushioning, and with older dogs it is important that we look after them.

As dogs age, they tend to suffer from a lot of the problems that we experience, not least ageing and aching joints. This can cause them pain, and while medication can help, there are other things that we can do to help dogs remain as comfortable as possible.

Have you considered a memory foam dog bed? You may not even be aware that they are available, but they are, and they are fast becoming very popular indeed!

Dogs Love Memory Foam

Think of the reasons why you love your memory foam mattress: it remembers your contours, for a start, so you know that when you lie down it will be perfectly shaped for your body, and as comfortable as possible.

Why shouldn’t that be the same for your dog? In fact, dogs may benefit even more from memory foam than you do, as they like to settle down somewhere snug and cosy for their sleep, and this sort of dog bed may be just the thing for them.

There are many of these on the market now, from some of the best brands in the dog and pet care business, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and styles, and across a full range of surprisingly affordable prices.

For Young Dogs Too

It’s not just older dogs that will appreciate a memory foam dog bed, for your puppy will also love the comfort it gets from using one of these. They tend to come with removable, washable covers so you can keep them clean all the time, and you can buy them in a variety of thicknesses and to suit every type and size of dog.

We reckon that a dog deserves a comfortable sleep as much as the owner – and we are sure you do, too – so why not check out memory foam dog beds right now? There are some really great quality versions around at sensible prices, and you will be giving your dog the sleep and comfort it deserves, especially if it is an older dog that needs that little bit more care and attention.

Some Great Family Dog-Friendly Walks In The UK

Dogs are the most popular pet in Britain and cockapoos are especially popular nowadays.  However, if you are considering one of these exceedingly cute breeds, then you also need to think about the fact that cockapoos need regular walking.  If you are looking for something a little more interesting than just down to the local park or in the back garden, check out this list of 5 great family and dog-friendly walks found up and down the country.

Thor’s Cave and Wetton Hill, Peak District

To enjoy the beautiful Manifold Valley, you can take the 3.8-mile walk that lasts about an hour and a half.  As it is a steep uphill walk, it will be more of a challenge for less energetic dogs.  Dramatic rock formations is what the Staffordshire White Peak are is particularly famous for and it also gives you the chance to check out the amazing Thor’s Cave.  As well as the spectacular views from the cave’s mouth, your dog will enjoy exploring the cave.

Flamborough Head, Yorkshire

If you have an older dog that requires less exercise or are relatively new to walking long distances, you should give this walk in Yorkshire a try.  It is a clear and grassy path with a route that takes around one hour to complete.  The light work is worth the great views you have of the countryside and stunning lighthouse.  There are also lots of places where you can let your dog run free.  As the area is rich with wildlife, you need to be careful when letting your canine friend off the lead.

Aberffraw To Porth Cwyfan, Anglesey

Dogs that love the salty sea air and ocean water will enjoy a relatively easy walk from Aberffraw to Porth Cwyfan in Anglesey.  It takes around an hour and a half to complete and for most of the 4.3 miles, it is fairly flat terrain and therefore great for all levels of walking ability.  The walk has lots of great spots to let dogs run off the lead and outstanding views from the cliff tops dotted along the coast.  You can even extend the walk to take in Cwyfan Church, that is only accessible during low tide.

Curleywee And Lamachan Hill, Dumfries And Galloway

This particular walk stretches along 10.25 miles and is, therefore, more suitable for experienced dogs and walkers who have been on long treks before.  It can take roughly between six to seven hours to finish and consists of various types of terrain with the occasional overgrown path.  The challenge is more than worth it though, as you are treated to staggering views of Wigtown Bay and as you’d expect, there are plenty of places for off-lead exploration.

Poldhu And Mullion, Cornwall

Heading to the Cornish coast anytime soon?  If you are, you should consider trying the 4.5-mile walk that boasts amazing coastal views and a relatively easy cliff-top route.  It only takes around an hour and a half to complete and is perfect for all experience level walkers and dogs.  What’s more, the route is dotted with dog-friendly pubs, where you can stop for a rest, a pint and some treats for the dog.  For dogs that love a good play on the sand and in the sea, you also pass the beautiful dog-friendly Polurrian Cove beach.

Taking a Ride on the Big Wheel of Fortune



Being retired means I have lots of time on my hands.  Forget about the bucket list, I’ve checked off so many of those experiences I’m on my second round of some of them.  The ones I really enjoyed I’m eager to do again.  One of the things I do is search out those giant Ferris wheels and take a ride on them.  This started with a dare from my husband who knows how afraid I am of heights.  I figured out it wasn’t the height, but the queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I hate feeling.  On a trip this year to National Harbor near Washington, DC I finally gave in and rode the giant eye.  It was much more stable than I expected, and when I felt a little dizzy, I’d envision myself in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  There we rode the Sky Lift to the top of a mountain, and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon watching people ice skating, and taking in the sights. I figured if that height didn’t bother me too much, this shouldn’t either.   Before I knew it, the Eye had stopped, the ride was over, and we were back on the ground.  Since that day I’ve rented cars from Alamo Rent a Car to indulge my new passion.

I looked up the list of these Ferris wheels and have made a new determination.  My goal is to visit at least half of the ones in the U.S. and at least two abroad.  I want to take my time and drive from Chicago to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina next year, then to New Jersey and New York after that.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to bring my grandkids and friends along on these crazy adventures and we have a ton of fun.  We use Groupons to save money on everything from the car we rent, the hotels we stay in to the food we eat.

I worked for many years in hospice care as a nurse.  One of the things people talked about at the end of their lives was their families, and the things they wish they had done.  Every time I get to the top of one of those wheels I’m grateful to be there, and that I’ve lived my life with no regrets.

Creating the Perfect Baby Bedroom for New Parents



Getting your baby’s room planned and prepared in plenty of time is very important for new parents, providing you with the opportunity to put your baby excitement into something truly productive and something that you can enjoy doing. There are so many different ways in which you can design the room, with planning, buying and fixing up the room all very enjoyable for parents-to-be. With that in mind, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or whether you have everything that you need, so we have created the perfect guide to help you throughout the whole process.

The Bedtime Setup

Although we are fully aware that babies can be very disruptive through the night and may rarely sleep in their own room for the first part of their life, it’s still important to get the perfect night time setup for your baby. To add cuteness to your baby’s sleeping area, some nice sheets, quilts and blankets are perfect, as well as being able to keep your baby warm at night. Other simple additions would be to buy a cot mobile to entertain your child and a night light to help them to get to sleep at night, especially as they start to get older.

Before buying these, however, you need to decide whether to buy a cot or a cradle for your baby. A cot may be considered as more of a long-term purchase for your baby to sleep in, particularly as your baby may outgrow a cradle after the first 6-9 months of their life. Many cots are also fully convertible into toddler beds and full sized beds, meaning that the bed can almost certainly be used for many years to come. It is widely recommended that you purchase a new cot or cradle, based purely on the safety of your baby. As the safety regulations that cot and cradle makers abide by are regularly being updated, used and older items may not be considered to be quite as safe as newer options.

Buying the right mattress is also something that new parents should consider, and it is more important than many people may think. A firm mattress may help to reduce SIDS and a waterproof mattress may make any wet accidents much easier to clean up, without any lasting damage to the mattress. As well as this, there have been a number of cases over recent years about the safety issues that some mattresses have, particularly in trapping the child between the mattress and the cot. By getting the right mattress for your cot, you are able to reduce the chance of this happening, keeping your baby safe.

Baby Monitors

The true value of a baby monitor is often underestimated until parents actually make use of it. A baby monitor allows you to know that your baby is fine without you needing to actually be in the room and checking up on them every minute, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether you choose a baby monitor with video capabilities or a simple audio monitor, you are going to really appreciate it. It’s also advised to buy multiple receivers so that no matter what room you are, you can keep an eye out on your little one.

Mums Personal Comfort Spot

Most new mums like to have their own personal spot where they can spend those late and disrupted nights where the feeding and nappy changes seem endless. By having your own place to sit in the corner of your newly decorated nursery, you can be comfy and relaxed whilst feeding your baby, making the tiring task that little bit easier. Add to this a small side table and you have created your own personal spot to make difficult nights not so tough, something that you will really begin to appreciate the more that you use it.

Changing Area and Accessories

A changing area can be made up in one of two ways, either with a designated area that consists of a changing table and storage, or simply just a changing mat that can be placed on any surface. A changing table, accessories and fixed storage can often make changing nappies much easier for first time parents; however more experienced parents might suggest that it is rather unnecessary. A changing table also means less bending down when changing nappies, especially if you can get one at the right height for you.

A changing mat can be considered a much more cost effective solution for baby changing, as well as being much more flexible as to when and where you can change your baby. As the changing mat can go on any surface, it allows you to change your baby regardless of where you are, which is sometimes much easier than having to go to your baby’s bedroom every time they need to be changed.

Storage for Toys and Clothes

Storage is an essential part of any baby’s bedroom, and so it is important for you to choose what works best for you. Whether you choose wardrobes, drawers, shelves, boxes or any other form of storage for the room, it’s important that you have enough to store everything. It’s also important to consider that there will be times, such as late at night or early in the morning, when you are tired, that you will want easy access to things, so ensure that you can get to them easily.

Humidifiers to Promote Moist Air

As dry air can ultimately encourage bacterial growth and viruses, adding a humidifier can be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. The humidifier will add moisture to the air, keeping your baby’s sinuses clear and reducing the possibility of becoming ill. As well as this, babies are also able to sleep better with the moist air and help from the soothing noise from the humidifiers. The great thing about humidifiers is that they can be purchased at affordable prices, in some very cute designs that will look great in your baby’s bedroom.

Author Bio

Babaloo are an online retailer of a wide range of kids clothing and accessories including boys and girls clothes, toys, children’s sleeping accessories, feeding essentials and much more.

Save Time with a Paint Sprayer

There are many jobs that need doing around the time that we tend to avoid as long as we possibly can. Painting and decorating is one, for while the result can be very satisfying – who doesn’t love a freshly painted room – the actual job itself can be a chore! Indeed, getting all those brushes, rollers and paint trays out of storage and getting on with the job is time consuming, and then there’s the mess, and the cleaning up – in fact, everything about painting is problematic!

Unless you enlist a professional to do it for you, but that will be a very costly experience. So, what can you do to keep costs down, yet get the job done, and make it as easy as possible and less troublesome? You could invest in a paint sprayer, and we can recommend that you investigate these very neat and impressive items in more detail. There are many different models to choose from, some that are designed for domestic use rather than the larger and more expensive commercial models, and they are all very useful indeed. In fact, we recommend that, even if you are just going to use it occasionally, you check out paint sprayers right now.

Which is for You?

With so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to single out the best paint sprayer for your needs. For example, we took a look at the Graco TruCoat Pro II – an excellent choice of domestic paint sprayer from one of the top makers – and found it to have all the features you need for a home sprayer. You can check out this model here along with many other reviews of excellent paint sprayers for every single budget, and we strongly recommend that you read as much as you can about them before you buy.

Most paint sprayers consist of a gun system with a nozzle that can be adjusted for fineness and accuracy, which is connected to a power source via a hose. The best use what is known as ‘airless’ technology – which means they do not need an air compressor to create the source of the spray – and these provide a surprising level of accuracy, ease of use and are also very simple to clean and get ready for the next job.

Save Time and Money

A paint sprayer will take the hard work out of your painting and decorating requirements, and you can even tackle those arduous outdoor jobs that you have been dreading. As they cut down drastically on wastage, you will save money, and you will also find that your sprayer does the job in a lot less time than using a brush or roller, with considerably less wasted paint and a shorter cleaning-up time afterwards.

The paint sprayer has made its way into the domestic market in recent years so is now an affordable and useful bit of kit for the home, so have a closer look at them now, and get those household painting jobs done!