Taking a Ride on the Big Wheel of Fortune



Being retired means I have lots of time on my hands.  Forget about the bucket list, I’ve checked off so many of those experiences I’m on my second round of some of them.  The ones I really enjoyed I’m eager to do again.  One of the things I do is search out those giant Ferris wheels and take a ride on them.  This started with a dare from my husband who knows how afraid I am of heights.  I figured out it wasn’t the height, but the queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I hate feeling.  On a trip this year to National Harbor near Washington, DC I finally gave in and rode the giant eye.  It was much more stable than I expected, and when I felt a little dizzy, I’d envision myself in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  There we rode the Sky Lift to the top of a mountain, and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon watching people ice skating, and taking in the sights. I figured if that height didn’t bother me too much, this shouldn’t either.   Before I knew it, the Eye had stopped, the ride was over, and we were back on the ground.  Since that day I’ve rented cars from Alamo Rent a Car to indulge my new passion.

I looked up the list of these Ferris wheels and have made a new determination.  My goal is to visit at least half of the ones in the U.S. and at least two abroad.  I want to take my time and drive from Chicago to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina next year, then to New Jersey and New York after that.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to bring my grandkids and friends along on these crazy adventures and we have a ton of fun.  We use Groupons to save money on everything from the car we rent, the hotels we stay in to the food we eat.

I worked for many years in hospice care as a nurse.  One of the things people talked about at the end of their lives was their families, and the things they wish they had done.  Every time I get to the top of one of those wheels I’m grateful to be there, and that I’ve lived my life with no regrets.

Creating the Perfect Baby Bedroom for New Parents



Getting your baby’s room planned and prepared in plenty of time is very important for new parents, providing you with the opportunity to put your baby excitement into something truly productive and something that you can enjoy doing. There are so many different ways in which you can design the room, with planning, buying and fixing up the room all very enjoyable for parents-to-be. With that in mind, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or whether you have everything that you need, so we have created the perfect guide to help you throughout the whole process.

The Bedtime Setup

Although we are fully aware that babies can be very disruptive through the night and may rarely sleep in their own room for the first part of their life, it’s still important to get the perfect night time setup for your baby. To add cuteness to your baby’s sleeping area, some nice sheets, quilts and blankets are perfect, as well as being able to keep your baby warm at night. Other simple additions would be to buy a cot mobile to entertain your child and a night light to help them to get to sleep at night, especially as they start to get older.

Before buying these, however, you need to decide whether to buy a cot or a cradle for your baby. A cot may be considered as more of a long-term purchase for your baby to sleep in, particularly as your baby may outgrow a cradle after the first 6-9 months of their life. Many cots are also fully convertible into toddler beds and full sized beds, meaning that the bed can almost certainly be used for many years to come. It is widely recommended that you purchase a new cot or cradle, based purely on the safety of your baby. As the safety regulations that cot and cradle makers abide by are regularly being updated, used and older items may not be considered to be quite as safe as newer options.

Buying the right mattress is also something that new parents should consider, and it is more important than many people may think. A firm mattress may help to reduce SIDS and a waterproof mattress may make any wet accidents much easier to clean up, without any lasting damage to the mattress. As well as this, there have been a number of cases over recent years about the safety issues that some mattresses have, particularly in trapping the child between the mattress and the cot. By getting the right mattress for your cot, you are able to reduce the chance of this happening, keeping your baby safe.

Baby Monitors

The true value of a baby monitor is often underestimated until parents actually make use of it. A baby monitor allows you to know that your baby is fine without you needing to actually be in the room and checking up on them every minute, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether you choose a baby monitor with video capabilities or a simple audio monitor, you are going to really appreciate it. It’s also advised to buy multiple receivers so that no matter what room you are, you can keep an eye out on your little one.

Mums Personal Comfort Spot

Most new mums like to have their own personal spot where they can spend those late and disrupted nights where the feeding and nappy changes seem endless. By having your own place to sit in the corner of your newly decorated nursery, you can be comfy and relaxed whilst feeding your baby, making the tiring task that little bit easier. Add to this a small side table and you have created your own personal spot to make difficult nights not so tough, something that you will really begin to appreciate the more that you use it.

Changing Area and Accessories

A changing area can be made up in one of two ways, either with a designated area that consists of a changing table and storage, or simply just a changing mat that can be placed on any surface. A changing table, accessories and fixed storage can often make changing nappies much easier for first time parents; however more experienced parents might suggest that it is rather unnecessary. A changing table also means less bending down when changing nappies, especially if you can get one at the right height for you.

A changing mat can be considered a much more cost effective solution for baby changing, as well as being much more flexible as to when and where you can change your baby. As the changing mat can go on any surface, it allows you to change your baby regardless of where you are, which is sometimes much easier than having to go to your baby’s bedroom every time they need to be changed.

Storage for Toys and Clothes

Storage is an essential part of any baby’s bedroom, and so it is important for you to choose what works best for you. Whether you choose wardrobes, drawers, shelves, boxes or any other form of storage for the room, it’s important that you have enough to store everything. It’s also important to consider that there will be times, such as late at night or early in the morning, when you are tired, that you will want easy access to things, so ensure that you can get to them easily.

Humidifiers to Promote Moist Air

As dry air can ultimately encourage bacterial growth and viruses, adding a humidifier can be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. The humidifier will add moisture to the air, keeping your baby’s sinuses clear and reducing the possibility of becoming ill. As well as this, babies are also able to sleep better with the moist air and help from the soothing noise from the humidifiers. The great thing about humidifiers is that they can be purchased at affordable prices, in some very cute designs that will look great in your baby’s bedroom.

Author Bio

Babaloo are an online retailer of a wide range of kids clothing and accessories including boys and girls clothes, toys, children’s sleeping accessories, feeding essentials and much more.

Save Time with a Paint Sprayer

There are many jobs that need doing around the time that we tend to avoid as long as we possibly can. Painting and decorating is one, for while the result can be very satisfying – who doesn’t love a freshly painted room – the actual job itself can be a chore! Indeed, getting all those brushes, rollers and paint trays out of storage and getting on with the job is time consuming, and then there’s the mess, and the cleaning up – in fact, everything about painting is problematic!

Unless you enlist a professional to do it for you, but that will be a very costly experience. So, what can you do to keep costs down, yet get the job done, and make it as easy as possible and less troublesome? You could invest in a paint sprayer, and we can recommend that you investigate these very neat and impressive items in more detail. There are many different models to choose from, some that are designed for domestic use rather than the larger and more expensive commercial models, and they are all very useful indeed. In fact, we recommend that, even if you are just going to use it occasionally, you check out paint sprayers right now.

Which is for You?

With so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to single out the best paint sprayer for your needs. For example, we took a look at the Graco TruCoat Pro II – an excellent choice of domestic paint sprayer from one of the top makers – and found it to have all the features you need for a home sprayer. You can check out this model here along with many other reviews of excellent paint sprayers for every single budget, and we strongly recommend that you read as much as you can about them before you buy.

Most paint sprayers consist of a gun system with a nozzle that can be adjusted for fineness and accuracy, which is connected to a power source via a hose. The best use what is known as ‘airless’ technology – which means they do not need an air compressor to create the source of the spray – and these provide a surprising level of accuracy, ease of use and are also very simple to clean and get ready for the next job.

Save Time and Money

A paint sprayer will take the hard work out of your painting and decorating requirements, and you can even tackle those arduous outdoor jobs that you have been dreading. As they cut down drastically on wastage, you will save money, and you will also find that your sprayer does the job in a lot less time than using a brush or roller, with considerably less wasted paint and a shorter cleaning-up time afterwards.

The paint sprayer has made its way into the domestic market in recent years so is now an affordable and useful bit of kit for the home, so have a closer look at them now, and get those household painting jobs done!

Learn at Your Own Pace with The Great Courses



The digital age has brought us many benefits in a variety of different areas of life, not least that of education. Many schools and colleges now use computer-based courses as part of their regular curriculum, and there are also courses that you can follow that are independent and ready for you to enjoy and follow at your own pace. The great thing about digital technology is that we all have access to the internet, apps and other beneficial things at our fingertips. Whether you use a laptop, PC or tablet, you have instant access to a wealth of information and learning tools very easily.

Consider this, however: what if you could follow a learning course on your smartphone? Most people these days have a phone in their pocket that is surprisingly powerful – whether it is an iPhone or an Android device – and that can access the internet and perform tasks that are infinitely more complex than those your home computer of just ten years ago would have managed. That’s why you now have access to The Great Courses, an iTunes video learning app – also available for other operating systems – that is extremely impressive, very popular and easy to use.

Why The Great Courses?

There are many learning apps out there, but there is no doubt The Great Courses is the one you should look at if you are interested in graduated, expert learning covering a wide selection of topics. If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry: it’s available as a very usable Google Play learning app, so you can tune in to your chosen subject from your phone, laptop or tablet wherever you have access, and learn at your own pace. It really is an excellent process, and one that has engaged many users so far.

What can you learn? The Great Courses covers a massive variety of subjects so you can learn about anything you want. Check out courses on History and Science, for example – always popular with remote learning students – plus the usual subjects such as literature, mathematics and economics. Or you could learn about the health aspects of life, indulge in your passion for music, or even pursue your love of food and wine! The Great Courses offers all of this – and much more.

Expert Tuition

Being able to follow such excellent courses, with access to Ivy League tutors and other experts who are on hand to help, means you can learn at your own pace, from wherever you may be. It’s an affordable method of learning, and one that you can use to further your professional career or simply to enjoy learning about a subject that you are interested in and want to explore in more detail.

We strongly recommend The Great Course as a starting point if you are looking to further your education, so why not check it out now, and see how easy it is to enjoy expert help and tuition wherever you may be, at any time you wish?

Clear and Healthy Water for Your Garden Pond

If you are looking for a way to add some interest to your garden, why not install a pond? This is a great feature for even the smallest space – you can find pre-formed ponds that are surprisingly small and yet effective – and adds a natural look that you cannot replicate elsewhere. A pond is also of interest to local wildlife – frogs, for example, will likely find a way, and many beautiful insects such as damselflies lay their larvae on water – so you are also doing your bit for the natural environment.

There are many different ways you can build a pond: we’ve mentioned the pre-formed versions that come in many shapes and sizes, and you can also buy strong pond liner that can be used to cover a hole of any shape or size. There are of course some further things you need to do if your pond is going to be right for wildlife and healthy for fish and plants. Still water, after all, will soon turn green as algae thrives in these conditions. In nature, the water is likely to be moving constantly, as ponds are normally part of a stream. That’s why you need an adequate pond pump and filter, which is what we are talking about in this article.

Why a Pump and Filter?

The purpose of a pump and filter is to keep your pond water clear and healthy, and free from harmful bacteria that will build up naturally. There are several types that you can choose from – you can find a lot of excellent information and reviews here – www.pondpumpreviews.com – and you will find that they are not expensive.

They work as follows: your pump will be submersed in the water and will be powered by the mains. It is connected to the filter – which will likely be above ground – by hoses. The pump takes the water and sends it to the filter, where it undergoes a few processes: it is subjected to UV light, and passes through a bacterial filter system, as well as having small debris removed. Then it is pumped back into the pond. This happens on a constant basis, keeping your pond free from harmful bacteria and the water nice and clear.

Choosing a Pond Pump

The website linked above is a great place to start looking for ideal pond pump. You need one that is suitable for your size of pond – choose by capacity of water and look for those that are powerful enough – or it will not do the job you want it to. They are easy to install and simple to maintain – the filter will need cleaning every now and again to make sure it is operating at full capacity – and not expensive to buy.

If you want a pond that is truly natural in appearance, and one that is clear and harbours life, you need a pump and filter, so have a look now, and make your pond the envy of your friends.

Five Reasons to Move to Fulham


One of London’s Most Popular and Vibrant Locations

Fulham has undergone significant investment and regeneration over recent years, and is now one of the capital’s most desirable residential locations.

Back in the 1800s, when Charles Dickens was writing his biting social commentaries in such books as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, Fulham would not have featured high on the social scale. The area had a number of the dreaded poorhouses that featured so strongly in Dickens’ work, and was home to working class people scraping a living.

Like so many London suburbs, it went through difficult times in the mid-20th century, too, but from the 1960s onwards, the area saw steady investment and regeneration, and gradually transformed from its working-class roots to the haven for the young and upwardly mobile that we see today. Here are five reasons you would love to live in Fulham.

The best schools

Fulham is famous for its superb selection of schools. Pre-schoolers can get the best possible start at this outstanding nursery in Fulham, and from there, you have a choice of both private and state schools, including The London Oratory, Fulham Prep School, and Lady Margaret School for Girls to name but a few. There is also a good choice of international schools.

Food and drink

Whether you are looking for an a la carte meal in a top restaurant or a quiet pint in a back-street boozer, Fulham has it all, and in the best possible style. You could even come close to blending the two into one experience at The Harwood Arms. Tucked away on a back street it might be, but this is the only pub in London to hold a Michelin star!

Claude’s Kitchen, on Parson’s Green Lane, gets frequent rave reviews from the major food critics, or for something simpler, visit The White Horse, which is located close by. This traditional pub has a history dating back to the 17th century and is affectionately known as the “Sloaney Pony” by locals.


The local shopping centre is Fulham Broadway, and it has all the everyday shops you could ever need. For something a little more unusual, there is a range of fashion boutiques on Fulham Road, where you will find all the most exclusive labels.

The Empire

Fulham boasts several venues, including the Grand Hall and Fulham Palace. But it is the Shepherd’s Bush Empire that is the most famous. Take a look at their upcoming events, there is sure to be something to appeal to every taste. Where else could you watch Simon Amstell performing one night and Howard Jones the next?


Of course, it is impossible to talk about the pull of Fulham without mentioning its most famous sports team. Fulham FC is London’s oldest premiership club, having been founded in 1879, and has been based at Craven Cottage for 120 years.

Even if you are not usually a football fan, you really should get along to this iconic ground at least once – and who knows, once you have watched one game, you might find you have caught the bug!


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Enjoy the Best of London By Doing These 5 Things



Founded by Romans, every travel enthusiast dreams to visit London since it has everything a traveler desires for. From lovely weather to rich history to countless picture-postcard attractions, everything compels tourists to visit London over and over. According to a report, London attracts 27 million visitors every year, making it one of the most traveled destinations in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Just turn off your RV air conditioners and step out to relish following amazing things to do in London.

Take a Ride in The London Eye:

Your tour to London is incomplete until you ride in one of its most popular Ferris Wheel called London Eye. It is a massive Ferries Wheel set up on the South Bank of the River Thames. It is 135 meters tall and has a diameter of 394 feet. It is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel from where one can have bird’s eye view of the city.

Visit British Museum:

British Museum is a world-famous museum situated in the Bloomsbury area of London. It has a wide range of exhibits that have been obtained from across the world and belong from prehistoric to modern times. People having a keen interest in human history can explore ancient Egypt collection of mummies, the Rosetta Stone and Vindolanda tablets and much more.

Feel Royal At the Tower of London:

The Tower of London, officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London is a world-famous fortress and royal palace. The history of the fort dates back over 900 years when it was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. The eye-pleasing fort is built on the north bank of the River Thames and is spread over an area of 12 acres.

Get Amazed at Madame Tussauds’ London:

Madame Tussauds is a globally recognized wax museum in London, which houses wax replicas of various notable celebrities and historic icons. The popular museum was founded by Marie Tussaud. The very first wax sculpture at museum was created of Voltaire in 1777. From ‘One Direction’ to ‘Shakespeare’ – you can see wax sculptures of numerous popular figures and world-famous celebrities here.

Feel Religious At Westminster Abbey:

Earlier known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, Westminster Abbey is a Roman Catholic Church in the City of Westminster. It has also been listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. The Church is adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. Many reputed names are part of the rich history of this beautiful church that includes many scientists, poets, and aristocrats. Along with a religious building, it is the notable landmark in the city of London which was founded in 960, approximately 1057 years ago.

So, whenever you get a chance to visit London, one of the most historical and fashionable cities of Europe – do not forget to add above-mentioned points of interests in your itinerary.

New Parents Can Seek New Directions


When you want to take a break from all that time and energy you spend with the new addition to the family sometimes the best thing to do is just put on some good music and sit back outdoors to relax in the afternoon breeze.  While the young one is busily enjoying a nap, you can sit back on your outdoor wicker furniture from Pier 1 and do some needlepoint so that the child will be warm and comfortable when fall and winter arrive.  Right now you can get outdoor furniture for up to 70% off discounts when you use a Groupon coupon for your purchase at Pier 1.  Groupon coupons can also be used for discounts when you want to buy some of the accessories or decorative items that you can use to give your home a distinctly personal touch.

Women owned businesses are the fastest growing segment in the economy.  There are many more opportunities for mothers to actively indulge on producing items as part of their daily activities.  Some manage to combine child raising with home business efforts like the production of needlework to have exceptionally filling days.  Others find after getting involved in needlepoint or in activities like baking that they want to pursue them as a regular venture; some have been known to establish independent business ventures as a result of their initial activity.  Indeed, the arrival of the new child has been the spark that resulted in the mother seeking an entirely new career or business venture that changed the direction of her life.

When pursuing new ventures one should always remember that certain family members take priority.  One mother kept her child’s bassinet right beside the computer work station, where she would sing to the child as she composed articles and essays.  Another used a Groupon coupon to buy furniture from Pier 1 and set up a “reading room”; she started a reading group that held regular sessions for children after school.  It gave the kids a chance to discuss with each other the things they read about.  Her “reading and talk” room was a popular way to encourage their participation.  If you own a small home business or think of starting one, turn to Groupon to purchase all the items you’ll need to get off to a great start.

5 Things Every New Mom Needs To Shop For


As you await your newborn, you have to make many preparations for you to have you an ample time with your child. Several items should be available before the delivery day. This article will discuss some of them.

1. Baby Clothes

One primary consideration when buying baby clothes is the size. The size of toddler clothes usually depends on age. However, clothes from various designers could come in different sizes meant for the same age. To make the best estimate, look for bodysuits which indicate age, weight, and size.

Be sure to buy clothes of different sizes since some newborns require attire meant for bigger babies, like 3-6 months. Others grow very rapidly. Therefore, you might need to buy new clothes within the first few weeks.

The comfort of the child is imperative. It is advisable to purchase garments that are spacious, soft, and durable to allow your child to move around freely. The clothes should also withstand regular washing because babies get mucky frequently.

Finally, the products should be free of potentially harmful dyes and chemicals. Your laundry detergents should also be gentle and baby-friendly to avoid skin irritation.

Don’t forget a good drying rack to dry all those clothes on. Click here to have a look at some of the better ones.

2. Cloth Diapers

Another very essential baby item is a set of diapers. Though some parents prefer disposable diapers, cloth diapers have unique benefits. They are easy to use, are reusable hence money-saving, and are friendlier to the environment than disposable diapers. Furthermore, some disposable diapers materials irritate the baby’s skin.

Before buying cloth diapers, you should get conversant with the varieties on the market. The designs can significantly differ. Some of the types of cloth diapers you can find are Flat cloth diapers, Pocket cloth diapers, Contour cloth diapers, Fitted cloth diapers, Pre-Fold cloth diapers, among others.

Just ensure that the diaper material is not harsh to your baby’s skin. The cloth diaper should also be highly absorbent to keep the baby dry. You can consult a child care expert for advice. You can also consider the views of other parents to help you in making an informed decision.

3. Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

Sometimes you will need to be outdoors with your baby. During such times, a diaper bag for cloth diapers will allow you and the newborn to have a home-away-from-home experience.

A good diaper bag will accommodate all the items that you will need to keep your child comfortable. Apart from serving your baby, your diaper bag should have room for a few of your personal items such as a wallet, phone, or a water bottle.

Some diaper bags are for carrying children items only. Others are fashionable, and you can use them as general purpose bags after your kid grows up.

4. Wet Bags

One essential item which some parents forget to purchase is a wet bag. To avoid dirtying the diaper bag, you should slip used diapers into the wet bag first. You can buy wet bags of different capacities to suit your short outdoor moments as well as extended trips.

However, some diaper bags are so big that they cannot comfortably fit inside a diaper bag when it is full. Such designs assume the design of regular bags. Therefore, you can comfortably move around with them.

An ideal wet bag should be waterproof and airtight when closed. The material should be resistant to stains and odors. Since wet bags are reusable, they stand frequent washing. The inner material of the bag should be baby-friendly so that the Cloth Diapers kept inside do not collect any harmful substances.

5. Diaper Pails and Pail Liners

Stinking diapers are a nuisance, and their terrible smell can be unbearable. Since it will be impossible to dispose of each and every diaper as soon as you change the baby, you will need a diaper pail.

Pails are a perfect solution since they have trapdoors, are airtight, and they employ smell absorption technology to keep your house fresh all day.

For best results, you should use the pail with pail liners so that your Cloth Diapers do not get into direct contact with the container. Good liners are leak-proof, and they should be compatible to your diaper pail. Some of them are disposable while others are washable.

A new mom needs more than just five items. However, the ones listed here will enable you to welcome your baby comfortably and buy the rest later.


About The Author

Crystal is the founder of MakeYourBabyLaugh. She wrote the blog to help parents who are struggling to raise their children. She hopes that her experiences in child-rearing can inspire and help parents overcome their parenting struggles.

New Breed of Credit Card Machines


The credit card has been with us now for some time, and for many people it is the preferred method of payment. If not a credit card, then a debit card, for plastic payments really have taken over our lives. The convenience of paying by card cannot be understated, and it remains a fact that most people now carry at least one credit or debit card with them. Furthermore, there is proof from research that people are likely to spend more in a retail environment when paying by card, so if you are not currently taking card payments – whatever your business may be – you are missing out on potential extra income.

Even if you do currently take card payments, you may not have the most up to date and efficient method in place. For example, have you heard about the new breed of cell phone credit card machines that are making things much easier for small retailers and other businesses? It’s also of great benefit to tradesmen who take payments on the move, so what is it all about? One of the leading systems is called SmartSwipe, and it is among the most efficient POS solutions of all.

About SmartSwipe

The SmartSwipe system uses a small device that effectively turns your cell phone or tablet into a payment console; it’s very simple, and you can take payments wherever you are. So, if you have done a job at someone’s house, you can take the payment by card there and then, without the need for a bulky terminal – just your regular phone. It’s been designed and devised by Merchant Account Solutions, a leading name in the world of POS solutions, credit card terminals and management software packages, and they have a reputation for excellent service and sensible transaction rates.

You can also use SmartSwipe for a range of other functions, including inventory recording, order receipt, taking bookings, scheduling and more, and this multi-function system is already proven with many satisfied users, so you know you are getting a device that is reliable and efficient. It makes a lot of sense if you run a restaurant, for example, as you can take payments at the table, and the system also allows for the inclusion of tips and other gratuities, so is fully functioning wherever it is used.

Merchant Account Solutions

With many satisfied clients in the field of POS and credit card readers – as well as in software and other areas – MerchantAccountSolutions.com are the people to go to for the very latest solutions, and will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. The friendly and helpful team, who have a wealth of expertise, will be able to talk to you about the best solutions for you, so if you want to know more about the SmartSwipe system, or any of the other solutions on offer, contact them right away, and see how they can help you improve your service.